Divination Channel

Image: an etheric, galactic orange background with shiny bubbles and stars, and the shape of Mama Earth in the middle. Text reads: “Otherworldly Giants / The Divination Channel”

welcome to a mind-bending
awe-inspiring world
full of magic, colours, animals &
ancestors among us.

Otherworldly Giants: The Divination Channel is a True-Life Multiverse Podcast Drama about a Queer Witch and her Two Black Cats.

This creative non-fiction series bends genres, genders & minds, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. In season one, titled Grief, Love & Buffy, your host Shaunga Tagore shares her specialized form of storytelling that combines spell casting, energy healing, quantum communication and ancestral collaboration.


In this portal you’ll find queer and trans love stories, galactic past life memories, tales of survivorship, messages from planets and animals in the spirit realm, and a relentless, open-hearted will to learn, grieve, and live wholeheartedly.

Embedded in Shaunga’s stories are teachings on queer ancestral art making, soul lessons on break-ups, parental death & animal companionship, and what it means to decolonize storytelling craft, astrology and, well, pretty much everything.

Season one sees Shaunga weaving her personal stories with a precise and fantastical study of her TV show bestie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with other TV and film beloveds popping up along the way like She-Ra, This Is Us, The Land Before Time, Grey’s Anatomy, Inception, Schitt’s Creek and more.

Grief, Love & Buffy is now live and unfolding in Human Time.


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