Divination Channel

💫 Otherworldly Giants: The Divination Channel 💫

…is a new podcast that seamlessly and brilliantly
weaves multiple genres into one
mind-bending, awe-inspiring world
full of magic, colours, and Ancestors among us.

Blurring our conceptions of fantasy and reality,
Season One’s
presents a ground-breaking and fascinating take on
decolonizing storytelling and
Buffy the Vampire Slayer commentary,
while providing empowering insight
on radical movement building,
queer art, spirituality and spell work.

At its center is a heartfelt personal story
– as intimate as it is galactic –
on love and loss, and learning to live
wholeheartedly through grief and change.


survivors, grievers, radical witches,
queer genderfull weirdos, animal lovers,
writers, artists & creators,
caregivers, parents & earth stewards,
astrology & quantum physics nerds,
abolitionists, visionaries, game-changers,
anyone invested in building better worlds and, of course,
beloved Buffy fans.

Creator’s note for non-Buffy fans: is this podcast for me?

If the voice, work, heart and spirit of Otherworldly Giants speaks to you, moves you, excites you – then yes, this podcast is for you, even if you have not seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer and never intend to.

Some episodes have virtually no Buffy content, some refer to Buffy in the context of larger conversations, and some go on very nerdy deep dives on specific Buffy episodes or storylines. Our episode descriptions will include a “Vampires, Beware!” section where we’ll give you a heads up on what (if any) kind of Buffy content you can expect.

That said, non-Buffy fan, I encourage you to listen to all the episodes, even the super nerdy Buffy ones. There is a deeper story unfolding throughout the season, and you’ll get the most out of listening if you go on the journey. (However, each episode is a stand alone episode, so you can pick and choose what you listen to if that’s really what floats your boat.)

For the Buffy centered conversations, you might not always understand everything about the storylines and the characters, but you won’t be lost. I personally think you will get a lot out of listening – about art, grief, Ancestors and so much more – from the way I connect conversations on Buffy with themes, questions and insights that are relevant and resonant with our current times.

My One Caution! Is for those of you who haven’t seen Buffy but know you want to, or you’re in the middle of watching Buffy for the first time – and you are spoiler sensitive. In many places I will share spoilers from the series. Again, take note of the Vampires, Beware! section in the episode descriptions – I’ll give you a heads up about any spoilers that will be discussed.

Creator’s Note for Buffy fans: is this podcast for me?

In short, HELL YES, and also – hang on. We have to recognize that Buffy fans are some of the most diverse people on the planet with widely varying political and spiritual views. For any Buffy fan, I would be more than happy to hard core geek out together at Buffy trivia night, or cry-sing all the songs from Once More With Feeling very loudly in public with you – But Vampires MUST Beware that this podcast is very political and it is VERY witchy.

If talking about queer issues, misogyny, and disability in the context of Buffy annoys you, if you’re not down with abolitionist politics, if you’d rather defend/excuse the person who caused harm than protect the survivors, if you’re still not sure if racism exists in life or in Buffy, if you don’t, at a minimum, respect a spiritual worldview full of Ancestors, astrology, spell casting and multidimensional reality – this podcast proooobabblyyyy is not the right place for you. (In other words, I will not be doing any anti-racism 101 existential crises hand holding that may get triggered through listening.)

That said, if you’re a Buffy fan and everything I just said EXCITES you – HI I LOVE YOU, LET’S KEEP CONNECTING!

It is…a whole damn shiny thing…to feel so called to speak about Buffy at these intersections when I really have no idea who else wants to have these particular conversations. Still, I do not believe I am She Alone, I believe we are the Chosen Many!

Let’s continue gathering all Potentials, Watchers, Slayers, Witches and Extraordinary Ordinary Humans over here at Otherworldly Giants Command Central. Can’t Stop the Signal!

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