TIME IS A HEARTBEAT: notes on past lives, climate change, and mighty ducks 2

Otherworldly Giants
Otherworldly Giants
TIME IS A HEARTBEAT: notes on past lives, climate change, and mighty ducks 2


Welcome to part TWO of a 4-part mid-season finale on our humble yet full of gusto DIVINATION CHANNEL! This is a True-Life Multiverse podcast drama about a queer witch and her two black cats <3 that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

In this episode – Shaunga, Estha and Rahel pick up right where they left off (after they got blasted back in time to PANGEA WTF!?!!?) Folks, we REALLY recommend you listen to part one first (it’s called “THE TIME LOOP” and it’s episode 7) before you dive into this here episode eight, as it is a continuing story.

This episode covers Multiverse Philosophy concepts such as:

What is and isn’t Manifestation Magic?
Are Past Lives true or are you lying to me?
What do you mean Numbers are Heartbeats?
More nerdy talk about concepts of Ancestral Time YES PLZ
Also can we hear Giles sing just a little bit KTHX

On the topic of the Climate Crisis, everyone seems to be asking “Are We Too Late?” Meaning, can we really turn this shit around as a collective or have we fucked up our chances of surviving as a species? Shaunga will answer this question with a Queer Love Spell and Mighty Ducks 2. (You know she won’t let you down!!)

VAMPIRES BEWARE: MAJOR Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoilers await you, AND spoilers from 1994’s Mighty Ducks 2 omg. You are thoroughly warned.

Take note, I share tender conversation on what my Dad’s death and my cat’s death taught me about Grief, Love and Trust.


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This episode mentions our Animal Communicator, Julie Hirt.

Sound effects courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

Music Credits:

“Clockmaker’s Daydream” by 369

“Phoenix Rising” by Edgar Hopp

“Ripples in Time” by Guy Copeland

“Indian Ocean” by Palace on Wheels

“As Time Passes” by Clarence Reed

Audio clips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek, Mighty Ducks and Mighty Ducks 2 shared under “Fair Use” copyright law, for educational and transformative purposes.


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