About Shaunga

Photo by Phoenix Rising Photography. Letters to the Universe, 2017. The Theatre Centre.

 Once upon a time I was a little brown girl growing up in small-town Manitoba, and at some point I stopped believing the life I wanted was possible. For most of us, our creative channels get clogged by the build-up of disempowering life experiences, trauma, abuse, and systemic oppression. We learn early on in life that we can only grow and reach so high.

I’ve spent the last decade and more working hard to re-write that script. I’ve received mentorship, support, shared knowledge and inspiration from a vibrant and growing community of fellow writers, artists, healers, astrologers, tarot readers, death doulas, and ancestral channelers. Many of whom are queer, trans, people of colour, Black, Indigenous, women, femmes, survivors of trauma, gender-weirdos, magic-makers, path-blazers and game-changers. I know now that my dreams can be a reality. And I want us all to rise, too.

I believe that we can find meaning and purpose in the midst of the apocalypse. We can grow through trauma, oppression and violence. We can laugh while we grieve. We can create through death. We can have stability amidst chaos, find commitment and contribution toward liberation, and be fulfilled in the present moment. We can genuinely feel and be in love with ourselves and each other – no matter how often we’re told we shouldn’t be.

I believe that both astrology and storytelling are tools to re-write the script. It’s why I have dedicated my work to building and sharing my knowledge of these fascinating ancient systems and medicines, to both express myself and support you on your life journeys.

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