Photo by Phoenix Rising Photography, 2017. The Theatre Centre. Image: Against a black background, Shaunga wears a white dress and chest-length black and bronze hair. Light and shadow illuminate her face as she looks into the distance. This shot was taken during a pivotal moment of Shaunga’s Ancestral Theatre Play: Letters to the Universe.

Shaunga Tagore: Creator & Artistic Director

Shaunga is a queer, prizmatic theatre artist, writer, speaker, furr-ever cat mama & Buffy enthusiast. And they weren’t kidding when they called her, well, a witch.

Shaunga is a Quantum Communicator, Death Doula, Time Keeper, Grief Bearer, Beauty Walker, and Open Heart Surgery Storyteller. Her dedications include illuminating multiverse perspectives on animal companionship, including soul agreements & lineage healing; and co-creating cultures and practices for queer/trans, BIPOC artists, healers and dreamers to bloom their ancestral artistry.

Otherworldly Giants is Shaunga’s baby (or bay-bay, as Moira Rose would say), so please enjoy thoroughly. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll get nerdy!


A deep bow of gratitude to the land of TKARONTO. Otherworldly Giants was birthed in collaboration with this land, and with great reverence to the Dish With One Spoon Wampum medicine that flows through everything and everyone who lives here. Much love to the caretakers of this land, and the various nations who have been/are earth stewards here, including: The Haudensaunee, Wendat, Anishnaabe, and Mississaugas of the Credit River.

Shaunga also sends her gratitude to the Metis, Cree, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota (caretakers of land where she grew up aka rural Manitoba/Winnipeg) and to the Adivasi, Dalit, Indigenous and Tribal communities of Bengal and India, the land where Shaunga’s family and ancestors are from.

Otherworldly Giants consists of, and is resourced by, a phenomenal, extraordinary team of ancestors, animals, guides, relatives, cheerleaders, investors and supporters in the spirit realm. May our healing be big, bright and sweet. May our dreams be fulfilled beyond our wildest imagination!

While every teacher who has made an impact on Shaunga on her journey cannot be named, here is a list of Earthly people who currently(ish) resource Shaunga and the growth of Otherworldly Giants. These are folks who have provided Shaunga with invaluable guidance & support, or shared circular mentorship & collaboration, or have provided public offerings that Shaunga has studied meaningfully.

🌟Dr. G. Love & the Soulshifting Community
🌟Nana Sakara Kemilla, Beloved Elder & Ancestor
🌟Dr. Stephanie R Burns of Connecting with the Ancestors Apprenticeship & Funky Tribe Fam
🌟Maestro David of Somos Animales
🌟Deanna Downes of Green Apu Productions
🌟ILL NANA Diversecity Dance Company & Right2Dance Fam
🌟Ravyn Wngz, Artist, Activist, Writer & Song Weaver
🌟Sze-Yang Lam, Dancer, Activist, Actor & Martial Artist
🌟Julie Hirt, Animal Communicator & Soul Level Intuitive Coach
🌟Rose Wonderfabulous of Wonderland Creations & Consulting
🌟Jesyka Bartlett of Copper Cauldron
🌟Natoya Hall of Mother of Starkeeping Mystery School
🌟Michaela Harrison, Healer, Singer & Whale Whisperer
🌟Cyree Jarelle of Temperance Queer Tarot
🌟Lori Diebold of The Healing Heart
🌟Pam Roussel of Purrrfectly Holistic
🌟Jae & Adrienne of Two Crazy Cat Ladies
🌟The Animal Communication Collective
🌟Akinke Lucas of Flowing Waters Inc
🌟désirée and Ev of We Are the New Paradigm
🌟Rosemary Reyes, Ancestral Artist
🌟Irma & Nickeshia, Spirit-Led Artists
🌟Thurga, Courage & Tamyka, Deaf BIPOC Artists
🌟Lani Diane Riche & Chipperish Media Team
🌟Buffering Podcast Team and Angel on Top Team
🌟Shaina Agbayani of Greenhouse Theatre
🌟Anabel Khoo of Kai Yin Spells & Skills
🌟Chani Nicholas, Astrologer
🌟Priscilla Uppal, Writer, Teacher & Ancestor
🌟Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Writer, Black Feminist Scholar

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