Photo by Phoenix Rising Photography. Letters to the Universe, 2017. The Theatre Centre.

Shaunga Tagore: Creator & Lead Visionary

Shaunga is a queer, prizmatic (non-binary) theatre artist, writer, speaker, cat mama & Buffy enthusiast. (And they weren’t kidding when they called her, well, a witch.) Her witchy powers and ancestral roles include, but are not limited to: quantum communicator, creatrix, death doula, time keeper & grief worker. Shaunga has spent the last decade working as an astrologer, cosmic coach, artist, producer/curator, primarily in queer, racialized, survivor, and disability justice oriented communities.

Shaunga is resourced by many teachers, elders, peers and community, most notably: Dr. G. Love of Soulshifting Retreats, Beloved & Transitioned Elder Nana Sakara Kemilla, Maestro David of Somos Animales, and Dr. Stephanie R. Burns via Connecting with the Ancestors Apprenticeship.

Otherworldly Giants is Shaunga’s baby (or bay-bay, as Moira Rose would say), so please enjoy thoroughly. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll get nerdy!

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