Storytelling School

This school is a dedication to those of us who are in love with stories – telling them, listening to them, studying them.

We offer self-study courses, spotlight talks & story time meditations. We also share more cosmic transmissions via our Divination Channel. These are our areas of focus:

  • storytelling technology from an ancestrally guided framework
  • astrology, tarot, divination and multidimensional communication
  • ritual, ceremony, channeling & magic in the creative process
  • animal companionship
  • sacred entrepreneurship

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Current Self-Study Courses

💫 Now Available! 💫

A story time meditation and companion for your grief. This self-study course is designed to help you transform your relationship to grief: from a terrifying giant that will ruin and destroy you, to a force of love that guides you into deeper connection with what you’ve lost. Helping you find joy for the path ahead of you, and peace in the present moment.

Everything you need to know to take this course is now available, including: full detailed course outline, what to expect, how to prep, and info on our “early nerd” discount

Coming Soon!

The Holy Snap Back: 12 Principles of My New Paradigm Relationships

A story time meditation on the north node return: an astrological rite of passage that happens every 18-19 years and aligns you with your life’s calling. This self-study course is designed to help you build a personal foundation where empowering relationships can grow, thrive in longevity, and weather whatever storms are to come.

What Buffy Taught Me About Love

An enthusiastic nerd-out into our beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This self-paced course takes a deep look at the triumphs and limits of Buffy through the lens of politicized narrative theory, astrology and tarot, in conjunction with a personal story of awakening into one’s witchy powers and ancestral calling. Weaved into the journey are conversations on spell work, grief work, queer love, survivorship, disability justice, decolonization, and abolition in our lifetime.

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