Storytelling School

Image: A magical collage: a wavy body of water, white drawn mountains in the water, a green snake rises out of the mountains/water into the sky, a shadow of a hummingbird hovers above the snake; on the right an owl perches above tree branches scattering red flowers into the water; on the left red, a tower of orange and pink flowers stretch into a circular portal in the sky.

This school is a dedication to those of us who are in love with stories – telling them, listening to them, studying them.

Here you’ll find
courses, classes and events
on our signature technology,

May these offerings enliven & inspire
your healing journeys, creative fire,
purpose work & sacred daily magic.

Be sure to also check out Shaunga’s
where she shares
behind-the-scenes content
on her creative, entrepreneurial
& magical practices.


Image: a light pink background at the bottom and top. The middle background is a rainbow shooting out from the ground, with a section of dark pink glitter. Text says: Queer & Trans Happy Endings / a heart healing summer storytelling series / Venus Retrograde Edition / Otherworldly Giants”

A summer 2023 series of heart healing writing classes with
Open Heart Surgery Storytelling.

These classes combine quantum-multiverse memory, ancestral collaboration and animal communication with the creative process. They are designed to help you harness your creative power, access your unique magic and bloom your ancestral artistry.


Image: Beautiful waves of Lake Ontario stretch into the horizon and citysake of Tkaronto as the sun goes down. The sun shines a path on a shadowy figure (Shaunga) walking out of the water. Text reads: “Let Loss Make You Warm / a story time meditation & companion for your grief”

Let Loss Make You Warm is a self-study course designed to help you transform your relationship to grief. From a terrifying giant that will destroy you, to a force of love that guides you into deeper connection with what you’ve lost, and with all of life.



Image: A black background with a large grey and blue full moon. Text reads: “What Buffy Taught Me About LOVE / a 10 part course on answering your Ancestral Calling”


Image: A light pink background and a hot pink hour glass with flowers growing out of it. Text reads: “I Will Remember You / a conjuring of heart healing to love & be loved”


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