Shaunga Tagore aka Scorpio Rising is a writer, performance artist, community organizer/educator and intuitive counsellor in astrology and tarot. A superqueero genderqueer femme of colour (Assigned-Female-At-Birth), based in Haudensaunee, Anishnabek, Wendat, Mississauga of New Credit territory ie Toronto. 

I am a creator in mediums of storytelling, theatre, dance, burlesque, poetry, memoir, song & video. I also love sharing my knowledge and skills with others through community organizing, arts-education, choreography, dramaturgy, writing/creative coaching and more. I’m particularly invested in the growth, empowerment and sustainability of queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of colour communities (QTBIPOC).

As an intuitive counselor through astrology and tarot, my work is trauma-informed and I am sensitive to a wide range of abilities, class & educational backgrounds, gender & sexual identities, as well as feelings, questions or contexts different folks come to a session with.

I have an MA in Gender Studies from York University, and have many formal and informal years of supporting folks through mental/emotional health struggles, or through surviving different kinds of external or internalized oppression. My work as an artist, educator and counselor are all grounded in feminist, anti-racist, survivor-centric ways of knowing and being; as well as a commitment to our highest path and purpose for being here in this lifetime.

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Contact shaunga.tagore@gmail.com to book me for performances, astrology, tarot sessions or arts-based facilitation. I am available for both individual and group sessions.


And because you are dying to know: Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon & Scorpio Rising😉

image on website: Prayer by Proma Tagore




a selection of spoken word and cover songs I have performed between 2012-2013.