What the Body Speaks (September Horoscopes)

Virgo season reminds us to find our magic within. Virgo rules what happens in our daily lives, and knows to listen to intimate signals from the body. What does your body speak?

Shaunga Tagore is an astrologer, writer, performer and producer. She is a proud queer femme of colour, cat-mama and Buffy enthusiast. Her performance and production work infuses theatre, dance, burlesque, video and poetry, often on themes of trauma, magic, ancestral relationships, cosmic wisdom, death and rebirth. Her monthly tarot-astrology readings provide piercing insight, emotional depth, humour and empowerment for survivors, creators, weirdos, queer unicorns, and anyone interested in building better worlds for ourselves and each other.



“Shaunga is attuned to a language of the universe that poets aspire toward. Every time I share her monthly horoscopes with more folx: several – often skeptical folx – have wept or jumped for joy or just sat stunned in the beauty of feeling witnessed by the stars.”

– Hari, Vancouver, Musqueam Land





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