The Day Before The Sun Was Born (Cosmic Folktales)

My new series, Cosmic Folktales, is a blend of memoir, fantasy, astrological/ancestral healing and transformation. Every Sunday I publish a new piece on the theme of transitions, grief, beginning & ending cycles, and the crossroads.

Shaunga Tagore is a writer, astrologer, theatre artist & producer. She is a proud queer cat-mama of colour, and Buffy enthusiast. Her theatre work invests in c-creating language, community and practises of ancestral ritual-based theatre, and infuses dance, burlesque, video and poetry. Her voice as an astrologer & planetary communicator provides piercing insight, emotional depth & warmth, humour and empowerment for survivors, creators, weirdos, queer unicorns, everyday superqueeros, and Otherworldly Giants.



“Shaunga is attuned to a language of the universe that poets aspire toward. Every time I share her work with more folx: several – often skeptical folx – have wept or jumped for joy or just sat stunned in the beauty of feeling witnessed by the stars.”

– Hari, Vancouver, Musqueam Land

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