Shaunga's on Indefinite Hiatus!

As per 2020 vibes, my work is undergoing transition and I'm taking a break. But I'll let you know when Backstreet's Back. In the meantime, have you benefited from my work and presence on the internet? Send me a tip as a gesture of reciprocity <3

Shaunga Tagore is a fantasy-memoir writer, playwright & emerging director.
astrologer & cross-dimensional communicator.
cosmic coach, performer & producer.
proud queer non-binary cat mama & Buffy enthusiast.
ancestral self-healer, death doula & life preacher.

Shaunga’s work provides heartfelt storytelling, transformative insight, emotional depth, warmth, humour & empowerment for fellow superqueeros, weirdos, artists, survivors (r)evolutionaries & Otherworldly Giants: so we may all remember our purpose, and our birth right.
So we may again & again fall in love with the world.
So we may, again & again, return home.



“Shaunga is attuned to a language of the universe that poets aspire toward. Every time I share her work with more folx: several – often skeptical folx – have wept or jumped for joy or just sat stunned in the beauty of feeling witnessed by the stars.”

– Hari, Vancouver, Musqueam Land

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