we create & study stories that serve as altars for the new world paradigm

we are redesigning our website! come back soon!

OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS is a Creation Company & Storytelling School. Our work is anchored in ancestral relationship, multidimensionality, and ritual-based storytelling. We are dedicated to:

holistic learning, creation & healing

aligning with natural laws, rhythms & cycles

excellence of study, craft & artistry

We recognize the power and transformative impact of stories that are sacred, sovereign and that serve as altars for birthing a new world paradigm, for the daily honouring of our planet and multiverse, for our personal and collective aliveness, here and now.


what is the new paradigm?

The time of relating to one another via cultures of supremacy and extraction is over. A growing number of us are being called into our ancestral purpose. We are here to act as doulas: to assist the dying of the old world paradigm, and co-birth a new world order built on right relationship, in the spirit of invention and remembering.

In this special corner of the sky, stories are our specialty. This is how we share our commitment and contribution to birthing a collective new paradigm.

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