Letters to the Universe

Shaunga Tagore’s Letters to the Universe is a brown femme “superqueero’s” epic, fantastical journey through time warps and alternate dimensions, searching for the secret of magic. . Written and performed by Shaunga, along with a stellar cast of larger than life Spirit Messengers, Letters is an autobiography, mythology, ancient & future memory, and ancestral ritual.

A workshop production of Letters was presented in September 2017 at The Theatre Centre in Toronto.

Enjoy an excerpt from our 2017 workshop production. In this scene, Shaunga, The Storyteller (and Gemini Spirit), is dragged into the Underworld on her 33rd birthday – the domain ruled by Premonition, the Scorpio Spirit (played by Anabel Khoo). Here, Shaunga is confronted by her own personal hell and the stories that live there.

“Shaunga Tagore’s Letters to the Universe is the kind of show that makes me feel better about staying up too late on a too-hot, too-humid work night: diverse, intimate, generous, sensual, a bit strange, and captivating.”

– Mooney On Theatre, September 2017 Read the full review!

Meet the characters of Letters to the Universe

Photos by Maxwell Lander.
Make-Up by Trixi Jones. 

Visit our 2017 workshop production website for Letters to the Universe – here you can find details on the cast and crew, dive deeper with the characters, and more.


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