Seasons of Grief and Joy

This dance showcase features 8 brilliant and passionate QTBIPOC* performers. Together, we move through the multiple and layered landscapes, emotions, and seasons we experience in a year, in our bodies, in our lives. Joy in the face of grief, celebration amidst devastation, resilience and purpose in escalating times of social and global violence, the ongoing entanglement of life and death.

This show was originally presented on May 2nd 2017 at the Palmerston Library Theatre (Toronto), on the 1-year anniversary of Shaunga’s Dad’s death. This was to honour his memory and the year she spent getting to know him in Spirit.

*queer, trans, Black, Indigenous and/or people of colour

Cast and Crew Credits

Producer & Co-Director: Shaunga Tagore
Co-Director & Choreographer: Sze-Yang Ade-Lam
Performers: Anabel Kai Yin Khoo, Annapurna, Lamia, Nickeshia Garrick, Sharrae Lyon & Shaunga Tagore
Special Guest Performers: Sze-Yang Ade-Lam & Ravyn Wngz
Stage Manager: Ravyn Wngz
Lighting Design: Sharmylae Taffe-Fletcher
Assistant Stage Manager: Rinchen Dolma
Production Assistant: James Kendal
Door Ushers: LP & Nish
ASL-English Interpretation: Sage Willow & Amanda Hyde
Photography: Phoenix Rising Studio
Videography: Akriti Jain & Mée Rose

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