Unapologetic Burlesque: queer. consensual. anti-racist. Not Your Average Burlesque.

Unapologetic Burlesque is a unique burlesque showcase co-founded and co-produced by Shaunga Tagore and kumari giles. Unapologetic gives performance space to emerging, first-time, and seasoned performers who are people of colour, Indigenous, Black, queer, genderqueer, trans, people of varying body sizes, people of all abilities, and from varying class backgrounds. This is a show where people tell their own stories, not ones that are dictated by what audiences and larger society wants to hear.

Unapologetic ran between 2012 – 2015. Upon closing the project, kumari and Shaunga decided to create an archival website of the series, featuring art and information about each showcase, photos, interviews, and some of their behind-the-scenes material on organizing with accessibility and consent. With this, they hope the show can continue to live on, as well as be a source of learning and inspiration to other organizers and artists.


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