THE TIME LOOP: notes on slayers, watchers and witch hunts

Otherworldly Giants
Otherworldly Giants
THE TIME LOOP: notes on slayers, watchers and witch hunts


Welcome fellow Giants, to PART ONE of a FOUR PART MINI-SERIES!

This is your True-Life Multiverse podcast drama about a queer witch and her two black cats <3 Here we blur the lines between fantasy and reality. The entirety of this 4-part series is our EPIC CASUAL MID-SEASON FINALE!

In this episode we cover several Multiverse Philosophy lessons including:

What are Time Loops?
What is your Multiverse/Auric Vehicle?
What are the energetic/Ancestral roots of your animal companion’s health issues?
Why is there a Giant Weirdo Queen SpiderWoman in an Emerald City Underworld?

This episode also covers convo about what the lineage of Vampire Slayers can teach us about modern day witch hunts, the patriarchal legacy of the Watcher’s Council, and the incredibly moving father-daughter relationship between BUFFY AND GILES (We love you, Giles!), all the while weaving heartfelt, powerful personal storytelling about grief, love and magic courtesy of Shaunga, Estha and Rahel.

PLUS we do a break-down of Buffy’s super deep episode at the end of season five, “The Weight of the World” as an example of TIME LOOPS.

It’s about that time to turn up the excitement on these episodes, folks!! At the end you might even find something resembling a “Land Before Time” and a cliff hanger. Fear not, we will NOT keep you hanging by a moment, as we are releasing parts ONE AND TWO on the same day! So once you’re done with this episode you can head right on over to our next episode and listen to part two. You’re welcome!

VAMPIRES BEWARE! There are LOTS of Buffy spoilers all over the place, especially related to season 5. Tread lightly if you’re spoiler sensitive. We also spoil the Dr. Strange Marvel movie from 2016 (the first one, not the more recent sequel!)


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Audio clips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer shared under “Fair Use” copyright law, for educational and transformational purposes.


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