This is Your Brave New Start (Self-Full)

Otherworldly Giants
Otherworldly Giants
This is Your Brave New Start (Self-Full)

We’re back!

In this episode, Shaunga speaks from her perspective as a clairvoyant astrologer on the era of Pluto in Aquarius, and what that means for revolutionary witches today. Namely queer, trans, BIPOC, neurodivergent, disabled people and humans who are invested in personal & collective healing and justice.

Then, we get into our FIRST Buffy-centric conversation which just happens to be about ANYA! Are Vengeance Demons actually Justice Demons? What’s the connection between vengeance and avoidance that we see expressed through Xander/Anya’s relationship, and Anya’s life mission to right the wrongs of scorned women? What does this tell us about how we can experience true justice in our relationships and communities?

Finally, I share a heartfelt conversation on the grief related to losing animal companions, as I bring MULTIVERSE perspectives on animal companionship into the center of my work moving forward. I share what Anya taught me about heartbreak and starting over, as my personal story magically intertwines with her character arc. PLUS, I share what the “Hell’s Bells” song from Buffering the Vampire Slayer (sung from Anya’s perspective) means to me!

Vampires, Beware! This episode contains Buffy spoilers about Anya up until mid season 7.

And a note for humans: If you have gone through animal companion loss, or this topic touches your heart for whatever reason, you may find deep healing here. Please take care of yourself when choosing if, how, or when to listen.

Show Notes:

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S/O to Buffering the Vampire Slayer who created a Buffy re-watch podcast and an original song dedicated to every single episode

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Theme Song: Electronica Punch by JGaudio

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