1. RED: A Love Letter to the Chosen Ones (And Cristina Yang)

Otherworldly Giants
Otherworldly Giants
1. RED: A Love Letter to the Chosen Ones (And Cristina Yang)

This is for the Chosen Ones. Storytellers and Cycle Breakers. We are the Open Heart Surgeons of the World.

In this episode, Shaunga honours women who choose not to be mothers, while recognizing the many diverse and sometimes invisible ways we mother. Shaunga shares her experience as a queer community mother, a mother to animals, and a mother to stories.

Then, we get into a character study of the incomparable Dr. Cristina Yang! Shaunga studies Cristina’s character arc on Grey’s Anatomy, from the quiet injustice she experiences from partners and mentors, to the true nature of her ambition, to what Cristina taught Shaunga about mothering her inner child.

Through this portal we discuss how women/queer/artists of colour are often forced into perfection and denied their excellence, and the journey we travel to claim our ancestral gifts.

Finally, we end the episode with a real live storytelling open heart surgery. With the help of Dr. Yang, of course.

Surgeons, Beware! This episodes contains SPOILERS related to Cristina Yang’s full character arc on Grey’s Anatomy, spanning from seasons 1 to 10. No Buffy spoilers – HOWEVER – we do uncover why it is important to begin a Buffy-centered podcast with a love letter to Cristina Yang.

Show Notes:

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