0. YELLOW: I Have Wounds But I’m Not Wounded

Otherworldly Giants
Otherworldly Giants
0. YELLOW: I Have Wounds But I'm Not Wounded

(my piano, the altar)

We kick off season one with an Otherworldly Giants Prizmatifesto* for Survivors who are no longer chained to their suffering. (*It’s like manifesto or femmi-festo, but prizmatic in nature and gender. You get it.)

Note that this transmission holds a story about teenage sexual assault, although no details on the assault are shared.

Vampires, Rest Easy! There’s no Slayer on patrol tonight. No Buffy Spoilers and (almost) no Buffy content.

Show Notes:

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Sound Credits:

Nagorno Mist by Vusal Zeinalov via Epidemic Sound
Deyja by Hampus Neuselius via Epidemic Sound
Water Sounds via No Copyright Music and Epidemic Sound

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