Season One

This is a new podcast that seamlessly and brilliantly
weaves multiple genres into one
mind-bending, awe-inspiring world
full of magic, colours, and Ancestors among us.

Blurring our conceptions of fantasy and reality,
presents a ground-breaking and fascinating take on
decolonizing storytelling and
Buffy the Vampire Slayer commentary,
while providing empowering insight
on radical movement building,
queer art, spirituality and spell work.

At its center is a heartfelt personal story
– as intimate as it is galactic –
on love and loss, and learning to live
wholeheartedly through grief and change.

Like the best things in life
you won’t truly get it
until you experience it.

So tune in, Good Listeners.

Let’s Be Giants.

(subject to change)

[Episode ZERO: two twin stories, a prelude]

YELLOW: I Have Wounds But I’m Not Wounded (my piano, the altar)

An Otherworldly Giants Prizmatifesto for Survivors who are no longer chained to their suffering.

RED: Slayers verses Killers, and a Love Letter to the Chosen Ones

A dedication to mothers who do and don’t give birth, to the cycle breakers, and for the last in line, legacy and lineage.

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.

[S1.E1.] Right Back to the Beginning: The Elephant in Buffy’s Room

Over the next year Otherworldly Giants will be sharing a great amount of unabashed enthusiasm and nerdery-as-extreme-sport on Buffy the Vampire Slayer – via this podcast, our upcoming self-study course “What Buffy Taught Me About Love”, and as a foundational text to study how stories serve as altars for creating a new world paradigm.

But first we have to address the elephant(s) in Buffy’s room: racist fuckery, and Joss Wh$&!#don.

This is episode 1 in a 3 part series that asks the question: Why Buffy? Why Now? Shaunga shares her Buffy origin story, contextualizes the evolution of Buffy in our current times of Great World Transformation and, of course, takes on the Elephant.

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.

[S1.E2.] Senaya’s Consent: Stories as Ancestors & Survivors

Continuing the conversation on “Why Buffy, Why Now?” Shaunga shares a few central concepts and principles that make up the Otherworldly Giants approach to storytelling. We’ll explore understanding stories as sovereign spirits with a will of their own; stories as energetic medicine or healing tinctures; how/why to think about fictional characters as our ancestors, and what it means to “ancestralize” a story.

This episode also holds space for conversation on abuse and survivorship in the creative processes and also IN stories themselves, linking back to anti-Blackness in Buffy, and arguably one of the biggest missed opportunities of Buffy’s season 7: Senaya.

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.

[S1.E3.] A Case Study on PANGS: An Ache that Wants to Heal

We have to do it people. We have to talk about one of Buffy’s most infamously offensive episodes. If there’s one thing Shaunga can say about “Pangs”, it’s this: You made a Bear. Undo it, Undo it!!

In this episode Shaunga does an anti-racist analysis of Pangs and examines each character as a representation of 5 major pillars of white supremacy: Antagonism, Avoidance, Guilt, Victimization and Assholery. She also offers 5 antidotes to diffuse the power supremacist cultures hold on us, allowing us to be active participants in our personal transformation and collective liberation. See? Even the most cringe-y of episodes can tell us why we love Buffy, and why the Time is Now.

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.

[S1.E4.] PINK IS THE WARRIOR (my stage, the altar)

Description coming soon.

[S1.E5.] PINK Part Two: It’s Okay to be Extraordinary

A conversation on QTBIPOC art making with 2SPIRIT African Mohawk abolitionist storyteller, Ravyn Wngz.

[S1.E6.] The Body Part 1: Buffy’s 3 Beat and Covid Aftermath

This is part 1 in a 3 part series on one of the most masterful and impactful episodes of Buffy, and maybe all of television, The Body. In this series, Shaunga goes on a deep character study of The Body and what it teaches us about grief. In the first episode, she focuses on Buffy’s haunting and gut wrenching monologue, and makes links to narrative theory, astrological transits, and a part of Buffy’s story that is so-subtle-you-almost-missed it: an incredible offering to help us heal from Covid related grief.

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.

[S1.E7.] PURPLE and ORANGE: Grief Cazimi and the Marriage of Love & Loss

Description coming soon.

[S1.E8.] The Body Part 2: Dawn’s Reality & Willow’s Closet

Upon closely studying these two character arcs in The Body, Shaunga was amazed to discover that 1) the inevitability of Willow’s relationship arc in season 6 was written into this one grief moment and the mess in/outside of Willow’s closet, and 2) Dawn’s story shares profound insight on her relationship to reality and non-reality that we don’t get anywhere else in the series. Listen in, Shaunga will tell you all about it.

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.

[S1.E9.] GREEN: The Heartbreak of Parenting and Giving Your Child the Gift of Freedom

Description coming soon.

[S1.E10.] The Body Part 3: Anya, Autism and the Technology of Silence

This episode looks at the relationship between Anya and Autism/neurodivergence from an energetic, cosmic and ancestral perspective. Shaunga speaks about her personal experience with neurodivergence, the technology of Black Holes, the Great Quiet, astrological origin stories and wtf this all has to do with Buffy’s phenomenal episode about grief.

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.

[S1.E11.] BLUE: Anticipating Loss & Anticipating the Stage

Description coming soon.

[S1.E12.] Grief, Love and Cookies (my story, the altar)

In this episode Shaunga shares her heartfelt stories on animal companion loss, casting a very massive (and finicky) spell to call in a life partner, and the north node return – an astrological rite of passage that we all go through every 18-19 years. She dishes the dirt on first (big) love, first (big) grief, and her great internal struggle with the cookie dough speech. We’re here! We made it to our season finale! WE’RE COOKIES!!

Vampires, Beware! Buffy spoiler notes coming soon.


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