Season One

This new podcast seamlessly
weaves multiple genres into one
mind-bending, awe-inspiring world
full of magic, colours,
Animals and Ancestors among us.

Season One Presents:
a unique & inventive study
on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
as a portal
to decolonize storytelling craft
and alchemize conversation on
queer art, animal communication,
spell casting, quantum physics,
personal healing and collective liberation.

At the center is a heartfelt personal story
– as intimate as it is galactic –
on love and loss, and learning to live
wholeheartedly through grief and change.

Like the best things in life
you won’t truly get it
until you experience it.

So tune in, Good Listeners.

Let’s Be Giants.

Creator’s Note for Buffy Fans & Non-Buffy Fans: is this podcast for me?

If the voice, work, heart and spirit of Otherworldly Giants speaks to you – then yes, this podcast is for you, even if you have not seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer and never intend to.

This is not a Buffy re-watch podcast. In this space, Buffy is a portal to share conversation on magical and political topics relevant and essential to our current times. It is also a channel to alchemize popular stories with personal/intimate storytelling; to deliver magic and medicine through voice & sound, and transform the way we think about storytelling itself.

Some episodes have virtually no Buffy content, some refer to Buffy in the context of larger conversations, and some go on very nerdy deep dives on specific Buffy characters, themes, and storylines.

I encourage interested & engaged audience to listen to all episodes – whether they have a lot or very little Buffy content. I contextualize conversation on Buffy, so if you’ve never seen the show (or any other popular story I discuss), you won’t be lost.

The heart of this podcast is the deeper personal story unfolding through the each episode (as intimate as it is galactic) and you’ll get the most out of listening if you go on the entire journey.

My one caution is for folks who haven’t watched the series and intend to. If you are spoiler sensitive, keep an eye on the show notes, I will always give you a VAMPIRES, BEWARE! heads up on episodes that contain spoilers!

(subject to change)

GOLD: The Akashic Records and Me
(the prologue)

Release Date: September 4 2022

Welcome to Otherworldly Giants, The Divination Channel! We enter the portal through the colour Gold, and a prologue for what’s to come in season one.

Join your host, Storyteller and Spell Weaver, Shaunga Tagore, as she takes us on a journey through a giant, multidimensional golden library of everlasting memory called the Akashic Records. Here, we find a long forgotten secret about what it means to want to be alive in this heartbreaking, revolutionary time and place in history.

This episode blends and blurs multiple storytelling genres including: magic realism, sci-fi-fantasy, galactic mythology, cosmic folktale, poetry and straight up autobiography.

Note that in this transmission, Shaunga speaks about her relationship to suicidal ideation.


YELLOW: I Have Wounds But I’m Not Wounded
(my piano, the altar)

season one episode zero

Release Date: September 14 2022

We kick off season one with an Otherworldly Giants Prizmatifesto* for Survivors who are no longer chained to their suffering. (*It’s like manifesto or femmi-festo, but prizmatic in nature and gender. You get it.)

Note that this transmission holds a story about teenage sexual assault, although no details on the assault are shared.


A Love Letter to the Chosen Ones
(And Cristina Yang)

season one episode one

Release Date: October 10 2022

Storytellers and Cycle Breakers. We are the Open Heart Surgeons of the World.

In this episode, Shaunga honours women who choose not to be mothers, while recognizing the many diverse and sometimes invisible ways we mother. Shaunga shares her experience as a queer community mother, a mother to animals, and a mother to stories. We end the episode with a real live storytelling Open Heart Surgery – with the help of none other than Dr. Cristina Yang of Grey’s Anatomy Fame.

And yes. Shaunga explains exactly why it was important to start a Buffy-centered podcast with a love letter to Cristina Yang <3



The Elephant in Buffy’s Room:
A Delicate & Ferocious Balance

season one episode two

FINALLY! It’s time to begin our nerdery-as-extreme-sport on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

At Otherworldly Giants, Buffy is a foundational text we honour to study how stories serve as altars for birthing new worlds and paradigms.

But first we have to address the elephant(s) in Buffy’s room: racist fuckery, and Joss Wh$&!#don.

This is episode 1 in a 3 part series that asks the question: Why Buffy? Why Now? Shaunga shares her Buffy origin story, contextualizes the evolution of Buffy in our current times of Great World Transformation and, of course, takes on the Elephant.

Senaya’s Consent:
Stories as Ancestors & Survivors

season one episode three

Continuing the conversation on “Why Buffy, Why Now?” Shaunga shares a few central concepts and principles that make up the Otherworldly Giants approach to storytelling. We’ll explore stories as energy medicine, how and why to think of characters as our ancestors, and the importance of lifting and supporting queer BIPOC artists co-creating with their ancestors today.

Through Buffy’s philosophical tension of “Slayers verses Killers,” we also discuss ancestral healing and the complexity of de-conditioning from white supremacy.

Finally, we hold space for conversation on abuse and survivorship in the creative process and that characters experience themselves…linking back to anti-Blackness in Buffy, and arguably one of the biggest missed opportunities of Buffy’s season 7: Senaya.

A Case Study on PANGS:
An Ache that Wants to Heal

season one episode four

We have to do it people. We have to talk about one of Buffy’s most infamously offensive episodes. If there’s one thing Shaunga can say about “Pangs”, it’s this: You made a Bear. Undo it, Undo it!!

In this episode Shaunga does an anti-racist analysis of Pangs and examines each character as a representation of 5 major pillars of white supremacy: Antagonism, Avoidance, Guilt, Victimization and Assholery. Then she offers 5 antidotes to diffuse the power supremacist cultures hold on us, allowing us to be active participants in our personal transformation and collective liberation.

Through Buffy Season Four’s philosophical tension of “Science verses Magic” we also discuss land acknowledgements, decolonizing astrology, and what meaningful apologies do and don’t look like.

PINK Part One:
It’s Okay to Be Extraordinary

season one episode five

A conversation on QTBIPOC art making with 2SPIRIT African Mohawk abolitionist storyteller, Ravyn Wngz.

(this has not been a benevolent waiting)

season one episode six

Description coming soon.

The Heartbreak of Parenting &
Giving Your Child the Gift of Freedom

season one episode seven

Description coming soon.

The Body Part 1:
Buffy’s 3 Beat and Covid Aftermath

season one episode eight

This is part 1 in a 3 part series on one of the most masterful and impactful episodes of Buffy, and maybe all of television, The Body. In this series, Shaunga goes on a deep character study of The Body and what it teaches us about grief. In the first episode, she focuses on Buffy’s haunting and gut wrenching monologue, and makes links to narrative theory, astrological transits, and a part of Buffy’s story that is so-subtle-you-almost-missed it: an incredible offering to help us heal from Covid related grief.

The Body Part Two:
Dawn’s Reality & Willow’s Closet

season one episode nine

Upon closely studying these two character arcs in The Body, Shaunga was amazed to discover that 1) the inevitability of Willow’s relationship arc in season 6 was written into this one grief moment and the mess in/outside of Willow’s closet, and 2) Dawn’s story shares profound insight on her relationship to reality and non-reality that we don’t get anywhere else in the series.

Grief Cazimi and the Marriage of Love & Loss

season one episode ten

Description coming soon.

Dawn, Joyce & Premonition
(conversations with dead people, part one)

season one episode eleven

Description coming soon.

A Letter to My Past and Future Self
(conversations with dead people, part two)

season one episode twelve

Description coming soon.

Part Two
(my stage, the altar)

season one episode thirteen

Description coming soon.

The Big Pineapple & Coming Out
As Coming Home

season one episode fourteen

Description coming soon.

Living Wholeheartedly:
Memory Spells & Bleeding Timelines

season one episode fifteen

Description coming soon.

“Until the End of the World”
(even if that happens to be tonight)

season one episode sixteen

Description coming soon.

Anticipating Loss & Anticipating the Stage

season one episode seventeen

Description coming soon.

The Body Part 3:
Anya, Autism and the Technology of Silence

season one episode eighteen

This episode looks at the relationship between Anya and Autism/neurodivergence from an energetic, cosmic and ancestral perspective. Shaunga speaks about her personal experience with neurodivergence, the technology of Black Holes, the Great Quiet, astrological origin stories and all has to do with Buffy’s phenomenal episode about grief

(conversations with dead people, part three)

season one episode nineteen

Description coming soon.

Trigger Warning:

bonus episode on

Description coming soon.

Grief, Love and Cookies
(my story, the altar)

season one episode twenty


We’re here! We made it to our season finale! WE’RE COOKIES!!!!

when we get to the end of season one,
we’ll be ready to share two very special offerings…


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