GOLD: The Akashic Records and Me

Otherworldly Giants
Otherworldly Giants
GOLD: The Akashic Records and Me

(the prologue)

Content Note: This episodes holds conversation on suicidal ideation and what makes one desire to live.

Welcome to Otherworldly Giants, The Divination Channel! We enter the portal through the colour Gold, and a prologue for what’s to come in season one. Join your host, Storyteller and Spell Weaver, Shaunga Tagore, as she takes us on a journey through a giant, multidimensional golden library of everlasting memory called the Akashic Records. Here, we find a long forgotten secret about what it means to want to be alive in this heartbreaking, revolutionary time and place in history.

This episode blends and blurs multiple storytelling genres including: magic realism, sci-fi-fantasy, galactic mythology, cosmic folktale, poetry and straight up autobiography. It also weaves ancestral wisdom, energetic medicine, spell casting, insight on collective liberation movements, and life-changing self-love.

Creator’s Note:

I do not recommend you listen to this episode while driving. My work is energetic medicine, and this story is a cleanser: for many of you, this story will activate healing, inspiration, creativity, grief and/or memory. You may remember forgotten parts of yourself you are ready to reunite with. And I don’t want you to “get something in your eye” when you’re on the road, you feel me!? I recommend listening to the first few episodes to get a sense of the podcast, then decide how/where you want to listen.

Show Notes:

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  1. Shaunga,

    What a gift you have for story telling! I love your carefully chosen words and analogies. Thank you.

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