VIRGO MIDHEAVEN: So You Won’t Ever Be Just A Memory

Otherworldly Giants
Otherworldly Giants
VIRGO MIDHEAVEN: So You Won't Ever Be Just A Memory

Welcome back to Otherworldly Giants: The Divination Channel! This is season one, “Grief, Love & Buffy,” a True-Life Multiverse Podcast Drama about a Witch and her Two Black Cats.

In this episode, your host Shaunga shares astrological teachings on the part of the birth chart called the “Midheaven” – which is associated with career, fame, and our relationship with the public. The Midheaven is also about our Galactic and Multiversal Legacy: why did you reincarnate in this body at this time in history, what are you purposed to do here?

And…what’s it like to have sweet, little, private Virgo on the Midheaven, left to grapple with these big, cosmic existential questions?? Shaunga will tell you all about it, as she journeys more into her Galactic Starseed Memory, weaving many stories from the Quantum Realm and beyond.

We re-visit a conversation on what it means to feel like, on a soul level, you’re not supposed to be here – and the chronic suicidal feelings that often come with this. And we continue our journey on what our animal companions have to teach us about claiming Intergalactic Purpose and our will to live through grief, love, transition, and after-life.

This episode is a big lion-hearted dedication to those of us who have the words “witch” or “writer” (or both) sitting on top of the Midheaven: those of us who know we have something to put down while we’re here, so that it may keep living after we’re gone.

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Becca Lemire, RMT: Massage and Body Work Practitioner, for people trying to heal body-mind-soul. Visit her website here.


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