the space between your wound & your worth

“Those who only knew you by your wound…A wound that was so deeply expressed in you, it was basically your defining characteristic.”

Amber Khan, Gemini July 2022 Horoscope Reading

For the past decade I ran a creative coaching, healing-centered, artist astrology business. And then in 2020 I stopped.

I emerged in 2022 with (one of the) greatest loves of my life(times), Otherworldly Giants. I emerged as the same ol’ Shaunga, and a completely new Shaunga.

This is the difference between running a business as a survivor, from my wound verses my worth.

My Wound Says:

I am going to make you feel better

I’ll say all the right things

I’ll be respected and valued

I’ll hold space

I’ll claim my purpose here

I’ll share my abundance of wisdom, medicine and magic

I’ll smooth over all the rough edges

I’ll ground everyone

I’ll inspire everyone

I’ll make everything right again

I’ll be the adult

I’ll pave a way forward

My wound is surviving domestic violence.

My wound is confident.

My wound is self-assured.

My wound is funny, kind and brave.

My wound is calm and calming.

My wound is an adult.

But, my wound is not happy.

My wound does not feel safe.

My wound is quietly panicking.

My wound never sleeps.

The difference between running a business from my wound verses my worth.

My Worth Says:

I embrace the entirety of my emotional landscape. I have the courage, and I am capable, to feel everything.

I speak my truth. I speak from my heart. I speak from my passions. I speak with integrity. I speak with my ancestors. I don’t know if what I say will be right or wrong. But I know I am worthy to speak. I am worthy to be received with kindness, compassion and generosity, no matter what.

I am inherently respected and valued.

I trust my ability to discern when it is time to

hold space
be held
speed up
slow down
move forward
hold back
be still
provide support
be supported

I claim my purpose here.

Providing reassurance is not my focus or my priority, but I will be honest. And I do strive to learn a deeper state of presence every day, with who and what I care about.

I share my abundance of wisdom, medicine and magic, and I believe in my birth right to receive abundant reciprocity for my offerings.

I am in love with the uniqueness of my shape – smooth, soft, sharp, sore, swift, strong, slow and speedy.

I ground myself. With immense gratitude for those who ground me.

I inspire myself. With wild appreciation for those who inspire me.

I make everything right again, within myself.

I pave a way forward.

My worth recognizes who I am as a survivor, and wraps me up in acknowledgment, safety, support, protection, patience, and unconditional compassion.

My worth is confident.

My worth is self assured.

My worth is funny, kind and brave.

My worth is calm and calming.

My worth is an adult, and a kid, and all the ages I’ve ever been and ever will be.

My worth is happy.

My worth is safe.

My worth is playing, resting, building, creating, harmonizing and sustaining.

My worth sleeps when it needs.

My worth is awake when it wants.

My worth is relaxed.

My worth stays aligned with spirit, heart and body at all times, even the moments that no humans are on board.

My worth is certain of its Success and Beauty,

and #1 FAN of its Story.

there are those who only knew you by your wound…”

and, those who cannot see you as anything but.

there are those who recognize and appreciate change in you, and they grow with you.

there are those who have been praying for you, in all your forms

and those who wish to (re)unite with you, in your worth.

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