Galactic New Year: It’s Time to Turn the Key

So, remember the total solar eclipse set to move right overhead Turtle Island next April 2024 from the South West through the North Eastern Gate?

This Galactic New Year Ceremony is designed to help us click into alignment and onto the road that ensures we move through the next spring eclipse like the Intergalactic Rockstars we are 😎

Make no mistake, this upcoming Galactic New Year is about UNLOCKING. OUR. GREATEST. SUCCESS.

Unlocking Our Greatest Success.

Listen. We’ve had the key in our hand for more than a minute.

But we’ve been waiting for the right timing, and the right door.

That part was a little heart wrenching. It was like being in an escape room with the clock ticking, and for the life of us we couldn’t remember the code that would get us out of this hole in time.

But then, just like Beth and Randall, just like magic – we found it. We found the door.

(Escape rooms are fun in hindsight, aren’t they? People pay money to do that kind of shit?)

So, we’ve been standing in front of the right door for a few hours now, key in hand.

Still waiting for the right timing.

Then it arrives: Galactic New Year. This moment is about finally, FINALLY, inserting the key that fits so easefully, so gracefully, in this small, phenomenal door…and turning it.

That’s it.

Just turning it.

As for everything that comes after? It’s all a Great Mystery.

The courage it takes for your hand to turn the knob and open the door, still somehow surprised by the wealth on the other side pouring over you even though you knew it was coming…the flowers.

The water. The riches. The love. The sun. The pleasure. The play.

The genuine sincerity of everything around you.

The weaving infinity loops and repeating choreography of generosity and reciprocity.

A world where you can move freely and express yourself freely.

The protection.

The homecoming.

The reunion.

The adventure.

The great big bear hugs and sloppy joyful tears and fierce embrace of beloveds who you thought you’d never see again, who you’ve literally waited LIFETIMES to partner with again.

Your prayers in full bloom.

Your dreams visceral, tangible, and alive.


It’s all here. It’s all for you. It’s all for us.

Because, This IS Us.

In nine months, by the time we get to that spring eclipse…the audience of our dreams will be filling every seat in a gorgeous, giant theatre, buzzing with joyful anticipation and enthusiasm.

Then, the lights will go out. And everyone will go quiet.

Looking back on everything that has happened, we’ll remember the quiet moments most fondly. We’ll remember the small things most dearly.

We’ll remember the Quiet Time where all we did was turn the key. Maybe, from the outside, it looks like we did nothing significant at all. Maybe, from the inside, our hearts know the Small Things are always the best part.

In darkness, in silence, the audience at the gorgeous theatre will sit at the edge of their seats and wait with bated breath for what comes next.

And we’ll be ready.

That’s when our story really begins.

JULY 26 2023

for a grand, gorgeous, and intimate story time and
Galactic New Year Ceremony
as Shaunga shares the epic tale of her
setting the stage for the next nine months and
blessing our paths with joy and inspiration

(it’s free to register with options for reciprocity)

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