Starseed Origin Story


Dear Beloveds,

I, Shaunga, recently had the amazing opportunity to participate in a meditation activation designed to help Starseeds connect with our star system/ancestry of origin, where we were guided to remember our very first home.

Us Starseeds on the planet right now – most of us are OLD AF. Some are older than others. On a soul level, we have seen and lived countless lifetimes here on Earth and in many other places too.

Do you remember your first home as a soul?
Do you remember the first time you had a consciousness?
The first time you had a body?
The first time you made art?
The first time you made love?

Every year the Galactic New Year occurs on July 26.
Join us this year for a beautiful,
heartfelt, otherworldly story sharing,
as Shaunga tells the epic tale of her
while formally introducing you to an incredible
Ancestral and Starseed Technology called
Open Heart Surgery Storytelling.

Click here to learn more about Open Heart Surgery Storytelling

When Shaunga uses this technology to remember her Starseed Origins, she finds that every part of her story illuminates something important about her every day life and the current times we are living through.

Embedded in Shaunga’s story are also teachings on:

🌟 Brief history of the Galactic Wars, with a focus on Lyra, Sirius, and the Pleiades star systems

🌟 Contextualizing Starseed history with modern-day colonization, systems of domination, current movements of Abolition and collective liberation

🌟 Understanding anxious attachment wounds and nervous system trauma from the soul’s perspective

🌟 Identifying “Galactic Trauma Echoes” in every day relationship patterns and major life experiences

🌟 How our ANIMAL COMPANIONS are connected to our Galactic history, how they help us unlock our grief, and how they show us our path of healing

This event is a ceremonial sharing that includes energy healing and ancestor collaboration. The collective themes of this upcoming Galactic New Year are:

🫀 allow yourself to move on from your previous conditions
🫀 we need a lot of space right now to be ourselves – take up that space
🫀 show the world who you are
🫀 show the world your heart

This ceremony contains highly supportive energy medicine that will help us rise to the best of our occassions, and unlock the codes to experience safety, protection, joy and ease while fulfilling and enjoying the call of our ancestors and our dreams.


July 26 2023, 6-8pm ET, Online
Free to Register
Reciprocity: Choose Your Own Adventure
(this will be explained)
*zoom link will be emailed to folks who register
*replay will be emailed out for folks who can’t attend live

This event is also a celebratory space to officially launch the BRAND NEW OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS WEBSITE!!!

During the event, Shaunga will give you a quick tour of the website and share info on exciting events we’re hosting this summer.

Please feel free to share this event with anyone who may be interested.

Registration for the Live Event is Now Closed

If you missed registration, access to the replay will be available for the rest of Leo Season. Contact Us to inquire.

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