Creation Company

We present original, ancestrally guided storytelling via live theatre, audio drama and multi-genre art. We house the OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS SAGA: a collection of stories where the planets and zodiac signs come to life as humans and ancestors in a parallel universe.


(live theatre, forthcoming in 2022)

Photo by Hamidah Hemani.

Pluto, planet of the underworld. Jupiter, planet of the wide open sky. Shape shifters, time travellers, and queer dark-skinned survivors. This story is for people who love the planet, even when you can’t remember your own name. This story is about what makes us want to die and want to live. This is the marriage of Death and Faith.

Introducing Pluto and Jupiter: ordinary people and Otherworldly Giants!

This work is generously supported by the Canada Council of the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council.


(audio drama, forthcoming)

Welcome to SATURN’S RETURN: a school for prizmatic people who have the potential of becoming something more. Saturn is the wise mentor and Scorpio Rising is their star pupil. Scorpio Rising is about to meet her greatest initiation to date and her most formidable opponent: THE PHOENIX.

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