Creation Company

Our Company presents original, ancestrally guided storytelling via live theatre, audio drama and multi-genre art.

We house the OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS SAGA: a collection of stories where the planets and zodiac signs come to life as humans and ancestors in a parallel universe.

a love & loss story between two planets, time travellers and shape shifters.

best friends. sisters. sworn enemies.
ancient ancestors. witch hunt survivors. warrior animals.
queer black & brown vampire slayers.
future revolutionaries.


Ordinary Humans and Otherworldly Giants!

join us for a theatre & film hybrid workshop production of PLUTO!
written & directed by Shaunga Tagore
presented in collaboration with Green Apu Productions

We share this story in multiple languages including: spoken/heard english, ASL-english, movement & dance, energy healing, sound medicine, visual art/animation, psychic communication, oracular listening and prophecy.

Our offering will be followed by a community conversation on
STORIES AS ALTARS, including a Q&A with the artists, and how we alchemize ancestor collaboration, magic & spellwork, astrology, nature & cosmic technology, birth & death doula work into our creative process.

This presentation is supported by Canada Council of the Arts and
Toronto Arts Council.

Our workshop evolution of PLUTO will be shared in early 2023 on the world/wood wide web.

Sign up for the mailing list or follow us on IG to catch us when we go live.

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