Creation Company

now is the time and era
for the artist who loves their
(tr)ancestors to bloom.

Otherworldly Giants Creation Company presents original works of art in blends of theatre, audio drama, multi-media, and genre bending forms that have roots in queer and trans performance lineages.

In both our original creations and mentorship offerings, we support queer, trans, disabled, Black, Indigenous and people of colour artists across Turtle Island to recover, re-member and implement our ancestral ways of art making, whether that includes channeling in the writing process, working with characters as living beings or ancestors, detangling from capitalist/supremacist conditioning in order to understand the divine timing & practical steps of our projects…and so much more.

Our projects prioritize QTBIPOC leadership, with a purpose to cultivate safe and healing spaces for BIPOC or otherwise disenfranchised artists to (un)learn, build and thrive in their careers and creations.

“…sometimes this is the bravest choice any of us can make. to let ourselves love and be loved.

especially in a world that teaches us to loathe our bodies, to be ashamed of our desire, to feel unworthy and undeserving of affection or compassion, to destroy ourselves before the system can destroy us.

it is not just brave to open your petals and let the sun radiate through your being. the moments we choose to soar in love, are also the moments we catch glimpse of our greater wisdom, of another lifetime, of an alternate universe where we never knew anything but how to be free.”

These words are written by OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS creator, Shaunga Tagore, and a dedication to those of us who — despite trauma, rejection, histories of theft & erasure, and violence against our communities — still choose to open our hearts to love and share our art, voice and stories with the world. You can listen here to Shaunga’s full poem as a meditative offering.

This poem was originally recorded in 2015, and is part of a larger dance piece titled, the blooming. Shaunga created and performed this on June 13 2015 for Making a Stage for Our Stories: Hearts, Portals, Magic. (Yes, the show was on her damn birthday! <3)


this theatre-film hybrid is a love & loss story
between PLUTO & JUPITER as they traverse time and space.
we are currently in development and creative incubation.


our current podcast drama is a creative non-fiction storytelling series
that gender-genre bends and blurs the line between fantasy and reality.
we are currently live & unfolding in Human Time.




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