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All course materials are created and delivered by Shaunga Tagore.

Let Loss Make You Warm is a self-study course designed to help you transform your relationship to grief. From a terrifying giant that will destroy you, to a force of love that guides you into deeper connection with what you’ve lost, and with all of life.

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This offering was written/recorded between September – December 2021 and speaks to this moment in time. However, the medicine offered is not limited by time. You go at your own pace, on your own time.

💫 Detailed Course Description 💫

Let Loss Make You Warm is a book that you can listen to or read, and also a set of teachings on grief, and also an ancestral ritual. It spans across genres similar to how grief travels across time, space and dimension. It’s a memoir, ted talk, meditation, work book, energetic exchange and medicine jar.

Learn more about what this means in my course prep guide.

Throughout the course I provide impactful and transformative lessons from my own experience of living through Big Grief, including recovering* from animal companion loss, loss of a parent, and grief associated with parenting. I offer teachings on disenfranchised grief, anticipatory grief, relationship conflict during times of loss, and much more (see detailed course outline below for full view of topics). This course brings into conversation personal and intimate grief in the context of ancestral grief, collective grief in a rapidly transforming world, and grief associated with colonization/generations of displacement from land-body-spirit.

Although there are many different kinds of grief I do not speak about directly, the course is designed to help you strengthen and better understand your specific and personal relationship with grief, as well as deepen your connection with who and what you are grieving. A diverse number of self-study exercises are offered throughout the journey including journal prompts, meditations, heart-work practices, song medicine, a dream ritual and tarot spread.

*I use the word “recovering” from grief and loss intentionally. Not to suggest that we are supposed to “get over” our grief. But rather, by tending to and repairing our relationship with grief, we recover much of importance: parts of ourselves that have been missing, stronger ways of being in relationship, skills to connect with loved ones across time, space and dimension, ancestral memories and clarified life purpose.

Read on to learn more about everything included in this course.

💫 Course Materials 💫

This course is offered via PDF and audio files. When you purchase, you will create an account with my course that will allow you to access the files. The audio version of the course is the same as the written version, so you can either read or listen, or do both. Sign into your account to view/listen or you can also download the files to your devices. Read on for details on all course material that will be included.

💫 Prep & Supplementary Materials 💫

How to Prepare for My Self-Study Course on Grief – Please read at least once before you begin!!

Introduction / Acknowledgements

Reference Guide / Further Reading

A Note on Dream Interpretation

Closing Thoughts

💫 Full Course Outline 💫

Opening Grounding Meditation
1 page to read, 6.01 mins to listen.

Part One: Grief is Like Giving Birth (channelled poem)
3 pages to read, 5.33 mins to listen.

Part Two: Grief in the New Paradigm
4 pages to read, 12.37 mins to listen & includes:

  • a grief gratitude heart work practise

Part Three: Grief as Time and Space Traveller
7 pages to read, 15.23 mins to listen & includes:

  • teachings on disenfranchised grief
  • a meditation practise and journal prompts for healing trauma related to systemically under-valued grief

Part Four: Grief Game Changers
3.5 pages to read, 9.16 mins to listen & includes:

  • teachings on ancestral communication
  • a dream ritual offering

Part Five: A Beast Called Anticipatory Grief
4 pages to read, 9.39 mins to listen & includes:

  • preparing for the loss of a loved one
  • navigating fear and catastrophic thinking associated with grief
  • a heart work anchoring practise

Part Six: Put Down the Lie, Pick Up the Truth
8 pages to read, 16.18 mins to listen & includes:

  • teachings on the “Death Portal”
  • learning a game-changer for transforming your relationship to grief
  • a creative study to work with your game-changer

Part Seven: “You Smell Different” (How Death Changes Friendship)
11 pages to read, 27.08 mins to listen & includes:

  • teachings on “Big Death” from an ancestral perspective
  • navigating relationship conflict that can emerge during/after a big loss
  • building an ancestrally guided art practice
  • supporting a loved one in their transition
  • understanding ”grief as parenting”
  • a tarot spread to move through relationship conflict

Part Eight: Near Death Experiences
6 pages to read, 12.28 mins to listen & includes:

  • understanding the shock that can follow a near death experience
  • teachings on intergenerational trauma and inherited ancestral grief
  • a heart work practise on “survivor’s guilt”
  • BONUS: considering moments of survivor’s guilt in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (time codes are provided for those who are spoiler sensitive!)

Part Nine: “I Dropped My Baby On Their Head” (The Power of Purpose)
6 pages to read, 13.58 mins to listen & includes:

  • teachings on grief associated with parenting
  • the healing power and presence of fictional characters in our lives
  • a music tarot spread ie “song medicine” exercise

Part Ten: Let Loss Make You Warm (epilogue)
2 pages to read, 4.55 mins to listen.

Remember to check out my course prep guide for more clarity on the full experience of this course.

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