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I am available to work with you as a cosmic coach, creative coach and/or creative collaborator on an ongoing creative project.

To read more about creative collaboration, visit this page.

As a cosmic coach, I study your birth chart, astrological placements, as well as connect with your soul’s energy and highest self. I often weave in ancestral messages, tarot wisdom, medicine & lessons from past/parallel lives, to help you grow into a deeper sense of self and love.

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What can I expect?

I always take a client-centred, survivor-centric approach. My work is informed by my background in intersectional feminism, and an understanding of systemic oppression, intergenerational trauma, and quantum healing.

This means I never tell anyone what they “should or shouldn’t” do. I don’t judge you for your choices or circumstances, I don’t claim to know you better than you know yourself, or “tell your future.”

Rather, I offer you tools, support, compassion, strategy, clarity and perspective in helping you achieve greater understanding and empowerment.

My sessions are 60-70 minutes long and $285/session (unless otherwise stated). You have the option to choose how you receive your birth chart reading: as a live session or a pre-recorded video.

What’s the difference between a pre-recorded video and a live session, and which one should I choose?

In my pre-recorded videos, I directly converse with your soul’s energy and communicate with your highest self; whereas in a live session we have the opportunity to have a back and forth conversation. There is no difference in quality, they are just two different ways for us to have a conversation. In both options I always offer guidance that is both spiritual and practical. (I actually understand the spiritual and practical to be one in the same!)

Choose the Pre-Recorded Video If:

  • You like connecting with people on a spiritual level, and you want the space to receive ancestral/planetary messages & support without having to respond right away.
  • You want to take in your reading at your own pace and digest it over time: You will always have access to your confidential video (as long as youtube exists!) and you can watch it as many times as you want. You can also pause the reading, and leave and come back if you need to take breaks.
  • You are very busy and you like the option of watching your video whenever suits your time and energy, and my time-slots do not suit your availability
  • Note that you have up to 30 days after you receive your video to email me and ask me any questions about your reading.

Choose the Live Session If:

  • You have specific questions and issues you want to speak to me about and would appreciate the opportunity to have a direct conversation about it
  • You’d like the chance to give detailed information about your project/relationship/situation for me to respond to
  • You digest information more easily by talking things through rather than just listening

Browse My Current Birth Chart Packages

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