What Buffy Taught Me About Love

It is with deepest pride, and our utmost nerdery, that we present to you,
❤️ What Buffy Taught Me About Love ❤️

This 10-part course offers a unique study of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from a perspective of ancestral healing, magic & spell-work, and abolition in our lifetime.

We draw upon many wisdom traditions including our specialized technology, Open Heart Surgery Storytelling, as well as astrology, tarot, quantum theories, cosmic & nature based energetics, animal medicine, and divination techniques.

We honour movements that are essential to our time: disability justice, Black liberation, Indigenous resurgence, survivor stories, queer and trans community building, intergenerational healing, reparations, grief work, and the Rise of the Intergalactic Witch.

Course Outline

(subject to change)

All course materials are created and delivered by Shaunga Tagore

Part One: Death, Faith & Prophecy

Enemies, Girlfriends, the Chosen Two: we start by looking at Buffy and Faith through a lens of ancestral queerness, trauma and re-birth.

💫 ASTROLOGICAL PROFILE: Faith as JUPITER (planet of vision, impulse and, well, faith)

💫 SELF STUDY: What super powers are born from your survival?

Part Two: 3 Days A Month

What You Write You Call Into Being: Words are Spells

We engage this principle of storytelling and spell-work by examining what was written into the foundation of the Willow/Oz & Buffy/Riley relationships, and how those spells came to unfold.

💫 RELATIONSHIP STUDY: What does the series teach us about communication, consent, and raising the dead between friends?

💫 CREATIVE STUDY: Memoir Writing with the Tarot

Part Three: Pay Buffy Summers

What Makes Your Full Participation Possible?

We engage this principle of disability justice, sacred reciprocity and reparations through studying Buffy’s relationship to the Watcher’s Council, money, resources, and community care.

💫 ASTROLOGICAL PROFILE: Buffy as SATURN (planet of burdens, responsibility, and legacy)

💫 SOUL WORK: Quantum Communication Exercise: connect and converse with your Fulfilled Self.

Part Four: Who Dreamed You Into Being?

Shaunga shares her teachings and stories on the technology of nightmares, and dreaming as ancestral portals / sites of premonition. Plus, she offers her Dream Analysis of “Nightmares”, “Restless”, and the Buffy & Faith “mind-walks.”

💫 SPELL WORK: Dream Journal or Dream Ritual Exercise

Part Five: Am I Real? Am I Anything?

We look at the invisible villain of ageism and adultism as reflected through the writing and response to the character of Dawn.

💫 CREATIVE STUDY: Understanding protagonists and antagonists in storytelling as a way to access our inner child healing.

💫 ASTROLOGICAL PROFILE: Dawn as NEPTUNE (planet of illusion, fantasy, & the spiritual expansion of reality)

💫 HEART WORK: Who is your inner hero, anti-hero and villain?

Part Six: Wheel of Fortune & The Tower

We unearth the meaning and experience of these weighty tarot cards, as they show up in the break-down of Riley/Buffy, Tara/Willow, Anya/Xander, and as expressed through Glory – our beloved Agent of Chaos.

💫 ASTROLOGICAL PROFILE: Season Five as URANUS (planet of liberation, upheaval and, well, chaos)

💫 SELF STUDY: Building an empowered relationship to failure, success, art making, break-ups, low-periods, and life goals.

Part Seven: Willow’s Not Coming Back

You better believe we’re getting deep, down and dirty on Willow’s relationship to magic! We’ll look at what does and doesn’t work when using magic as metaphor for sex, queerness, drugs, grief, rage, power, and flaying the patriarchy.

💫 RELATIONSHIP STUDY: The loving & painful waves of Buffy and Willow’s friendship

💫 STORYTIME MEDITATION: Shaunga shares her personal story with addiction

💫 ASTROLOGICAL PROFILE: Willow As PLUTO (planet of death, rage and the phoenix rising)

💫 SPELL WORK: What is your unique medicine and magic?

💫 SOUL WORK: What is your specific Slayer Lane?

Part Eight: Abolition in Our Lifetime

We consider themes of lineage and leadership throughout the series, whether we land or miss major character and story arcs, and imagine alternate timelines for season 7.

💫 SPECIAL FEATURE: A roundtable discussion with some of the most revolutionary abolitionist leaders of our time

💫 HEART WORK: How are your Ancestors Calling You? How do you Answer?

Part Nine: Chosen

We end with a deep dive on each of Buffy’s Boyfriends, and what it means to choose and be chosen.

💫 CREATIVE STUDY: how to dissolve impossible binaries into many possibilities, and arc from “I’m The Only One” to “We Are Many”

Part Ten: Your Turn (Final Essay!)

By this point in the journey, Shaunga has sufficiently answered the question, What Buffy Taught Me About Love.

Now, it’s your turn.

Make a Choice: What __________ Taught Me About ___________

Your final “essay” can be any kind of offering, including creative non-fiction, a song, an art piece: anything that calls you and moves through you.

Participants will have the opportunity to submit to a future anthology called “What Buffy Taught Me About Love.” You’ll get the chance to have your offering appear in print and/or audio, alongside other brilliant, bad bitcah’s who are answering this question in their own way.

Together we’ll share our voices with the world! Not to save the world, but to change it <3

What Buffy Taught Me About Love is a sister course to I Will Remember You: a conjuring of heart healing, to love and be loved – an epic study on Buffy & Angel like you’ve never seen it before! Learn more about it HERE!

These courses will be launched sometime in 2024, once the Otherworldly Giants Divination Channel (aka podcast) gets to the end of our first season, Grief, Love & Buffy! We began releasing episodes in September 2022, and will continue to share over the next year. The material you listen to on the podcast will lay the foundation for our subsequent course work.

Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Stitcher or Spotify, listen directly on the website, and check out our season one episode break down.


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