Unabashed Praise

Elena, Chicago

This birth chart reading was *incredible*. You have an amazing gift and I am so so grateful to you and all of the lineages and guides who guide and support you and all of the things that make this gift possible. I am struck, in particular, by your ability to resonate on a deep level, grounding everything you say with this kind of core-of-the-earth depth and warm flowing strength, and also your joy as you relate what you see.

All of that is to say, thank you. This reading gave me the tools and understanding I needed. It was a catalyst for opening further and with confidence to a truer, deeper freedom, and I am so thankful. I’ve told a number of people about this reading already. I hope some of them will be moved to work with you. Whatever the U-turns in your life have been to get you to this point of doing this as your work, I am praising the heavens for them, because that reading was the shit. It’s also just a joy to see someone who is really good at what they do.

Kennedy, Pacific Northwest

I want to thank you so much for your reading! I learned so many new things and deeply appreciate you sharing your knowledge, expertise, and insights! I laughed, I cried, I put the video on pause to feel the rush of new awakenings. You’re so great and I’m so glad you’re here sharing with the world ❤

Alice, Toronto

Thank you so much for your reading of my birth chart. I feel that you truly captured my truths and my struggles. In a way it is comforting to know how much of my experience is written in the stars – it means that there is a purpose and I am here to learn these lessons in this lifetime. You have a beautiful gift that I am so grateful you are sharing with others! Thank you for your compassion, your encouragement and your guidance.

Cristina, Los Angeles

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for my reading. You are amazing!! I felt the truth of everything you said and it resonated so much with things I’ve intuited or felt but which get lost in all the mental energy and doubt that clouds my thinking at times. Your reading gives me clarity, validation and hope. Thank you for witnessing for me and for the reminder to let myself be held and healed by nature and my body.

Erin, Toronto

I just finished watching my video reading and I wanted to tell you how truly seen I feel. Honestly, this is the best gift I’ve ever received, and I wanted to tell you how much it’s meant to me. Thank you so much for the work you do!!

Tara, Seattle

Um, WOW. I just watched my video and wanted to say THANK YOU. There was so much that deeply resonated. In addition to the insights you shared, I really appreciated the super supportive and affirming way you delivered the information. I was a bit scared to watch the video, to be honest, fearing it would be tough love / harsh truth. And while I don’t feel you shied away from the truth, you delivered it in a way that felt safe and digestible.

Meg, Toronto

This video was so incredible to watch and I am just so in awe of your insights. I could actually write pages about what you were able to see and tease out of my birth chart. It really felt like a conversation with a trusted friend. Your compassion and knowledge made me feel seen and heard on so many levels, from my relationship to motherhood, the work I’ve done creating boundaries in my life, how shitty my last year was, to just knowing more about the ways these really different astrological elements interact within me. Hearing you say “You were meant to write this novel” are words I will keep in my heart forever.

Inna, NYC

I wanted to let you know that your free monthly readings have spoken very strongly to me. This month’s reading I listened to a few times in the beginning of the month, and was like hmm idk I’m not sure how this fits into my life. And then I listened to it again yesterday and felt like I got punched in the stomach. All of a sudden, I saw this situation that I’d been ignoring for a while in a whole new light. This is something that I’d been ignoring / pushing away, and after thinking and journaling about it, I recognize how important it is for me to get it out there and deal with ASAP. I am super grateful for the work you do.

Sarah, Wolfville Nova Scotia

Thank you so much, Shaunga. You have a very special gift, and the way you explain and articulate things is so simple and clear. It really is amazing what you were able to extrapolate from my birth chart, and so beautiful how they tell the stories of our lives. That was the first birth chart reading I had done and it is helping me to understand more about myself. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family.

Anna, Toronto

I am so incredibly grateful for the reading we did together. You really are so skilled, intuitive, perceptive, sensitive and accessible in the way you approach astrology. I trust your reading a lot, and that isn’t easy for me. So: thank you

Sheila, Toronto

My birth chart reading with Shaunga was transformative. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience was enlightening, supportive, informative and fun. Shaunga is not only well-versed in Astrology, but also in active and supportive listening and communication, creating a safe space to delve into the insights and emotions that arise during a reading. I recommend her, whole-heartedly, to anybody looking to gain personal insight and knowledge, and will certain be going back to her for years to come.

Corrie, Oakland

Your reading felt so completely true for me. I was crying while watching most of the video because it was so overwhelming and powerful to feel validated, seen and understood in a such a deep, raw way. I didn’t even know how much I needed this in my life. Thank you for sharing your insights!!!!!

Michelle, Toronto

Thank you so much, Shaunga, for this month’s horoscope. My reading has me in tears and heart ablaze. I can’t even tell you how bang on this is and how much I needed it. Will be replaying this as many times as I need to this month. Wow…this was a huge, huge force of validation and EXONERATION and change for me. Bless you.

Brett, Toronto

I’ve got to say, nothing has ever rang more true than your reading. The intensity. The feelings. The preparation. The Phoenix. Being okay with the intensity I possess and not being afraid of it. All of it. Wow.

Kamaria, Boston

After listening to Shaunga’s astrology-tarot videos, I felt so seen and cared for. I feel like I didn’t even know how much I needed to hear that I needed to rest from mental/emotional/spiritual exhaustion until she shared her insight from her cards. Whenever I listen to Shaunga’s videos, I feel like we are chilling together and I am just getting some real good realness…and laughter…and I want to share her dopeness with y’all!

Natasha, Oakland

My experience with Shaunga wasn’t just a revelation – it was REVELATIONS. I told her I had experienced more than a helping of trauma, and am trying to understand myself through it. Inevitably during the birth chart reading, some of these specific traumas came up. It seemed like Shaunga knew just when to be silent, when to give me time. That alone is invaluable, but she also subtly shifted the narratives given to me by others and by circumstances to replace them with hope and a deeper understanding of why I’m necessary, and where and why I’ve been hiding my gifts. Support Shaunga if you’re looking for a birth chart reading because it’ll change you.

A.J., Toronto

The depth, compassion and honesty of Shaunga’s own creative work is reflected in her Creative Coaching. She supported me in moving through my blocks, seeing the blocks themselves as places where story and creativity lies, and building a piece that spoke to my personal truth. Working with her encouraged me to believe in my work and facilitated the flow of creative energy in me. In moments that I felt unsure about my ability to create, I thought back to conversations with Shaunga and found my way back to my vision and inventiveness.

Hari, Vancouver, Musqueam Land

My dear old friend and I watched first her then my full horoscope videos together. Both of us found your work and your way of presenting the work to carry a resonance so deep, you had us speaking responses to the screen! We found your readings to be powerfully welcoming, highly intuitive, careful-while-spontaneous & full of emotional-spiritual precision. Watching your readings in beloved company is something I hope becomes an ongoing practice and in the meanwhile is already weaving into how I approach this already transformative and slightly-less-terrifying-now year of living. Thank you for your frankly excellent nurturance and generosity.

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