The Musical

Otherworldly Giants is a new musical currently in development, written & directed by Shaunga Tagore. Five outer planets come to life in a parallel universe during the time of the Great Unraveling. Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn learn what it means to love, lose, and lead in the face of death and apocalypse.


an origin story of the lead character of
Otherworldly Giants: PLUTO
and her tumultuous relationship with JUPITER
a story multidimensional and multidisciplinary in nature:
told with theatre, dance, song, film, ASL, and astrology.

Photo by Hamidah Hemani. 2016, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

the marriage of love and loss

the break-down and breaking-open between mothers, sisters and daughters. what makes us want to live and want to die. for people who love the planet, even when you can’t remember your own name. to fight and to lose. to reckon with forces that sever our ties. how we react to poison in the body, and how we release. the divine feminine – complete, entire, unbroken; the pain in the feminine lineage – just as everlasting. This is about magic and the witch hunt. A revealing and unraveling. Truth and cellular memory. Queerness and quantum healing. Portals and parallel dimensions. Dark skin and big hearts.

This is about heroes and giants and arachnids. This is the underworld and the wide open sky. This is the marriage of death and faith.

This is Pluto & Jupiter.

Development & Updates

MARCH 2020: COVID foils our plans for a live presentation of PLUTO in 2020!!! Currently laying low and readjusting our plans. Meanwhile, Shaunga is available for select live script readings at your online event. Get in touch at to discuss.

JULY 2020: 45-minute excerpt performance at Queer Astrology Conference 2020

JUNE 2020: FUNDRAISER – live script reading of PLUTO (invite-only)

FEBRUARY 2020: A giant THANK YOU to Canada Council for the Arts for generously supporting this project via a Theatre Projects Grant ❤

OCTOBER 2019: A giant THANK YOU to Toronto Arts Council and The City of Toronto for generously supporting this project via an Individual Playwrights Grant ❤

JUNE 2019: closed live reading of the full 75-minute script (invite-only)

MAY 2019: 20-minute excerpt performance at Aki Studios (commissioned by CPAMO‘s 10 year celebration gathering)

JANUARY 2019: 1-week collaborative studio residency exploring character development & world building (Sunny Drake Studio)

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