Clairvoyant Tarot

Image: a purple and blue magical illustration of a deck of tarot cards, tinctures and candles, with light purple smoke circling the sacred objects.
Illustration by Melisse Watson

Welcome to Otherworldly Giants Clairvoyant Tarot!

Clairvoyant Tarot is a very special divination technique. It works similarly to regular tarot, only instead of pulling cards from a physical deck, clairvoyant tarot is accessed through the Third Eye!

In 2023, Shaunga’s ancestors gifted her two clairvoyant tarot decks as a graduation present for surviving Witch School (ie the tumultuous multiverse rollercoaster that was the era of Pluto in Capricorn, 2008-2023).

During this time, Shaunga awakened and remembered her powerful abilities as a see-er, and she mastered the art of oracular listening, channeling and cross-dimensional communication.

Pulling cards from clairvoyant tarot is truly a beautiful and awe-inspiring experience. Cards can appear with sound, music, and movement because they are not bound to the physical realm.

Shaunga’s decks include a general Otherworldly Giants Tarot — which draws upon imagery from elements, animals, planets, colours, songs, the body and more — as well as a Buffy inspired deck called “The Chosen Many.”

Keep in touch to catch Shaunga share her clairvoyant tarot readings with community via social media and special events.



When Buffy saw the scythe in the stone, she knew that it belonged to her. She felt the strength and wisdom of the slayers that came before, and she knew this power was hers: not to wield alone, but to share with many.

Image: A magical collage. A black starry background. A psychedelic rainbow bird hovers and looks up while a big triangle of rainbow colours shoot out from its chest into space. On top of the rainbow are 4 prizmatic hummingbirds. A shadow of two crossed swords sits on top of the rainbow. Text at the bottom reads: “The Chosen Many.”

Just like Buffy’s scythe, this weapon was forged in secret.

The Chosen Many was made specifically for the era of Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and the underworld entered Aquarius in 2023, and will stay there, roughly, until 2044. At the beginning of this era, many of us are feeling scared, stressed, disheartened, overwhelmed and enraged in the midst of escalated attacks against our communities.

Pluto shows us what is meant to be completely dismantled over the course of a generation, and what is meant to rise from the underground.

In this 20 year period, we will see the further collapse of cultures and collectives rooted in supremacy, violence and war.

In its place we will see the rise of magic, people power, and ancestral wisdom traditions rooted in deep reverence and respect for our planet, each other, and all of life.

The time of Pluto in Aquarius is when we listen to a deep calling, follow our hearts and invent mind blowing strategies, technologies, medicines, and cultures that will eventually take down oppressive systems and render them useless, because we realize we never needed them at all.

The Chosen Many takes a magical, multiverse approach to tarot reading, healing, loving, grieving and understanding ourselves. It’s here to support…


…who are awakening into their purpose.


…who know it’s time to receive their flowers.


…who are ready to deepen their magic.


…who having a calling, and a gift to share with the world.

The Chosen Many Clairvoyant Tarot Deck is here to help us feel grounded, supported, inspired, joyful and purposeful.

Because, like Buffy, we just realized something: we never had to do any of this alone.

And, we’re gonna win.

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