The Blooming Altar

Otherworldly Giant’s mission is to create and study stories that serve as altars for the new paradigm.

On July 26, the Galactic New Year, we released our “Blooming Altar.” Throughout the summer we will share pieces of writing, audio and video to build a living storytelling altar, weaved with this intention: “May the Artist Who Loves Her Ancestors Bloom.”

Find The Blooming Altar Below

Read the introduction to our Blooming Altar here.

This offering is part of our “Get Hype About Your Life” meditation series.
This first meditation is about remembering that to love and be loved, is our birth right.
Listen Here.

This offering is a channelled poem you can read, or a meditation you can listen to, as part of our “Get Hype About Your Life” meditation series.
Listen or Read Here.

This offering asks the question:
what is the difference between running a sacred entrepreneurship, as a survivor, from your wound verses your worth?
Read Here.

Consider the possibility (quantum reality) that when it comes to anyone you’ve ever been close to, this is not the first time you’ve met. Does it change how you love?
Read More.

This offering is actually 3 pieces in one! Here you’ll find video, audio and writing on realizing our grandmother’s dreams, unlocking codes and taking the risk for love.
Read More.

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