Dating, Intimacy & Astrology

This 3-part video series is a deep dive into how astrology can help us understand our styles and patterns in dating, intimacy, and relationships of all kinds.

Read on for a break-down on what you receive in each video.


Did you know that each outer planet has its own unique relationship attachment style? In this video I bust out the nitty gritty about each outer planet’s patterns in dating and relationships, including:

❤️ Why each planet would stay in or leave a relationship
❤️ What each planet feels threatened by in intimacy, and how they respond accordingly
❤️ What gifts they bring and what they each do really well
❤️ Early childhood wounds and the potential to heal through adult relationships
❤️ How to tell which outer planet/attachment style is your major influence (could be more than one)
❤️ What kinds of relationships you’re likely to be drawn to during different times of your life (ie according to when an outer planet is transiting through your birth chart)


Here we’ll talk about the inner planets and the zodiac signs in more detail. We’ll look at when and how certain signs clash, and how to bridge those gaps into deeper understanding and connection. Some of what we’ll talk about:

❤️ Rising Signs ie what we’re like when we 1st meet someone
❤️ Moon Signs ie when we share more intimacy; how we respond during conflict and what we need to feel cared for
❤️ Mercury ie our communication styles
❤️ Mars/Venus ie the erotic planets; desire, sex, pleasure, affection, giving & receiving
❤️ Sun Signs ie supporting each other’s highest good


In the last video I’ll offer ideas for rituals, writing or creative exercises, and activities that align with the current astrological energy, to bring more love into your life. This could be to strengthen an existing relationship, navigate trauma in intimate partnerships, call in new love, or heal your own heart – regardless if you are single, partnered or have multiple partners. All of this can apply to friendship and family relationships as well.



🌻 The material is not time specific, and no time limits to watch – meaning you can buy and/or watch whenever you want
🌻 Videos are captioned
🌻 You’ll get access to all 3 videos at once, immediately after you pay. When I post the link, you’ll be able to stream and/or download the videos
🌻 I encourage you to watch at your own pace, take notes, take breaks, journal, breathe, and re-watch as many times as you like.
🌻 Total running length of video series is 1.5 hrs.

Cost: $25.50 USD or $33.38 CAN
Available in all countries – the site will automatically convert to your currency


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