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“The More I Date, The More I Learn About Astrology!”

A 3-part video series on how we can use astrology to learn about our relationship styles, heal from intimacy trauma, and cultivate love in our lives that we truly desire and deserve.

$25.75 (USD) or $33.38 (CAN)
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🌟 The zodiac signs represent our style of loving – they speak to what we need, how we experience and express affection, how and when we clash in communication, and more.

🌟 The outer planets, however, reflect our intimacy and relationship patterns. This is how Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto impact our birth chart, and how they are currently influencing our lives. Paying attention to what the outer planets are doing can give us incredible insight on our choices, actions, and reactions in all kinds of relationships.

🌟 This video series is a deep dive into how astrology can help us understand our styles and patterns in dating, intimacy, and relationships of all kinds.

This package is available now! Click below to get a detailed break-down of what you get in each video.


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