Astrology & Tarot Readings

Welcome! There a number of ways you can receive an Astrology and/or Tarot reading. Read on to see the different options. 

In-Depth Monthly Horoscopes

Every month I offer a 30-40 minute free video for each zodiac sign.


In these readings, I look at what is happening energetically for each zodiac sign in the current month, I give insight and perspective on navigating grief, trauma, transitions, and new beginnings. My perspective is queer positive, survivor-centric, and trauma-informed. My focus is to help you cultivate stability, abundance, creativity, and heal disempowering dynamics in your love, work, family, community or ancestral patterns.   

Watch Your Free Monthly Horoscope Reading Here


As of May 2018, I am offering monthly Bonus Readings for each sign! Here you can receive an additional low-cost 20-30 minute video that offers even more in-depth insight on how to approach challenges and opportunities for the upcoming month, and a specific focus on particular areas of life including relationships, work, health and purpose. 

Watch Your Bonus Horoscope Reading Here 

*Note that these offerings are a new venture and we are still ironing out some of the details. Captions to the Bonus Videos are currently unavailable. They will be added in the near future, along with specialty packages and other goodies for you to check out. Thank you for your patience!


Personalized Video Astrology Readings dsc_0386

Current Special Offer:
Purchase a personalized video birth chart reading between March – June 30 2018 for a discounted price ($75)! 

If you are a returning client and wish to receive an update astrology/tarot session in-person or via skype, please contact me! Update readings are $100/hour. 
I also have a special discount on personalized video birth chart readings. These are available for old and new clients, and the discount is on until the end of June 2018.
How It Works: 
  • pick a package that most resonates with you 
  • send me a brief description of any topic, area of life or question you are interested in knowing about (*area of life can refer to ‘love’ ‘work’ ‘housing’ or be more specific like ‘getting through a break-up’ etc.) 
  • I get back to you with the date you can expect to receive your reading as well as a deadline for payment
  • send me $75 CND through my PAYPAL LINK by the deadline  
  • I send you a youtube link of your 30-40 minute recorded reading and you enjoy! (The video will be “unlisted” meaning your video will NOT appear on my youtube channel, and nobody will be able to search or find your video unless you share the link with them) 
  • your birth story according to the stars and what it means for you today 
  • insight on your personal genius, life purpose and particular blend of magic 
  • how to approach obstacles and challenges according to major planetary lessons 
  • one area of life you are interested in knowing more about
12-Month Focus 
  • major planetary cycles you’re going through in the current year 
  • best way to get through any difficult life events, and/or to make the most out of significant upcoming events 
  • 1-3 areas of life you want to know about 
Life is Bonkers 
  • cosmic guidance during times of grief, hardship, death, chaos, transition and growth 
  • perspective, grounding and clarity during a tough time 
  • insight on how the planets can guide you into a deeper strength and sense of self no matter what your circumstances 





“My experience with Shaunga wasn’t just a revelation – it was REVELATIONS. I told her I had experienced more than a helping of trauma. During the session, it seemed like she knew just when to be silent, when to give me time. That alone is invaluable, but she also subtly shifted the narratives given to me by others and by circumstances to replace them with hope and a deeper understanding of why I’m necessary, and where and why I’ve been hiding my gifts.” -N

“My birth chart reading Shaunga was transformative. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience was enlightening, supportive, informative and fun. Shaunga is not only well-versed in Astrology, but also in active and supportive listening and communication, creating a safe space to delve into the insights and emotions that arise during a reading. I recommend her, whole-heartedly, to anybody looking to gain personal insight and knowledge, and will certainly be going back to her for years to come” -S

“The depth, compassion and honesty of Shaunga’s own creative work is reflected in her Creative Coaching. She supported me in moving through my blocks, seeing the blocks themselves as places where story and creativity lies, and building a piece that spoke to my personal truth. Working with her encouraged me to believe in my work and facilitated the flow of creative energy in me. In moments that I felt unsure about my ability to create, I thought back to conversations with Shaunga and found my way back to my vision and inventiveness.”  – AJ


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