Creative Coaching

$120/2 hours

You can expect sessions to be a mix of conversation, brainstorming and/or writing or movement exercises to get your creative flow going. We address whatever blocks feel most pressing to you. If it works for you, I bring universe wisdom from astrology, tarot cards, ritual and/or meditation and body awareness techniques to help you clear out what’s in your way. I also offer feedback on drafts, studio space to explore new ideas, or I can work with you on your grant applications to make sure your proposal is as tight as can be. 

Creative Coaching can help you: 

  • Identify and focus your goals, scope and vision of your project  
  • Get a new idea going or bring your draft to the next level 
  • Address internal obstacles to keep you motivated and find practical solutions to road blocks 
  • Build structure and discipline into your creative process 
  • Align with your unique creative rhythm, pace and flow 
  • Bring completion to projects you’ve been struggling to finish 
  • Feel the success and accomplishment of creating something meaningful 

To ask any questions or book a session, email me. Send me a brief message of what you’re working on or want out of a session and we can go from there. 




1st time birth chart reading (2 hours) – $150
1st time birth chart reading for couples (2 hours) – $200
Yearly Transit update for returning clients (1 hour) – $80
Yearly Transit update for returning couples (1.5 hours) – $120 

My job as an Astrologer is to help you find grounding and perspective during hardship, transitions, growing pains, milestones, curiosity, exploration and learning.

In a first time reading you receive: 

  • Detailed birth chart interpretation: reveals the inner workings of your psyche, and your relationship to many areas of life including money, lovers, family, career, and more 
  • Your current transits: what you can expect life to be like over the next 12 months 

Readings are available in-person or Skype.


To ask any questions or book an Astrology session, email me. To confirm your booking I need your day, month, year, time of birth, city of birth and how you’d like your name to appear on your birth chart (you can use whatever name you’d like). If you can’t get access to your city or time of birth, let me know and we can brainstorm. 


TAROT Sessions


Individual Readings:
$80 for 60 minutes (8-10 cards)
$100 for 90 minutes (10-12 cards)

Readings for Couples:
 $100 for 60 minutes (8-10 cards)
$120 for 90 minutes (10-12 cards) 

Tarot cards are tools that connect us to our most sacred inner wisdom. Tarot readings are useful to:

  • Get insight into current struggles or heartache
  • Get clarity when faced with difficult decisions
  • Figure out how to navigate complicated relationship dynamics or conflicts
  • Re-energize your purpose and best path forward when you are feeling stuck or confused
  • Clear out old energy to start new beginnings or get through big changes
  • Celebrate milestone events like birthdays, anniversaries or the new year


To book a session or ask any questions, email me. 



Full payment is required for cancellations or rescheduling with less than 24 hours of notice. 

I take payment by e-transfer or paypal to 24 hours before your session, or I can take cash at the beginning of our session. 

Please let me know if you have any accessibility needs, allergy concerns or chemical sensitivities.  I often meet clients in a wheelchair accessible, low-scent space, where cats also live. Creative Coaching sessions can happen in coffee shops, dance studios, or other locations depending on what works best for your session. I do Skype sessions when physical location is a barrier. 

I keep a limited amount of discount spots open per month for all services, for folks who cannot afford the original rate. If you need a discount spot for a service please contact me for availability. 



“The depth, compassion and honesty of Shaunga’s own creative work is reflected in her Creative Coaching. She supported me in moving through my blocks, seeing the blocks themselves as places where story and creativity lies, and building a piece that spoke to my personal truth. Working with her encouraged me to believe in my work and facilitated the flow of creative energy in me. In moments that I felt unsure about my ability to create, I thought back to conversations with Shaunga and found my way back to my vision and inventiveness.”  – AJ

“My experience with Shaunga wasn’t just a revelation – it was REVELATIONS. I told her I had experienced more than a helping of trauma. During the session, it seemed like she knew just when to be silent, when to give me time. That alone is invaluable, but she also subtly shifted the narratives given to me by others and by circumstances to replace them with hope and a deeper understanding of why I’m necessary, and where and why I’ve been hiding my gifts.” -N

“My birth chart reading Shaunga was transformative. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the experience was enlightening, supportive, informative and fun. Shaunga is not only well-versed in Astrology, but also in active and supportive listening and communication, creating a safe space to delve into the insights and emotions that arise during a reading. I recommend her, whole-heartedly, to anybody looking to gain personal insight and knowledge, and will certainly be going back to her for years to come” -S