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Let Loss Make You Warm is a self-study course designed to help you transform your relationship to grief. From a terrifying giant that will destroy you, to a force of love that guides you into deeper connection with what you’ve lost. Helping you find joy for the path ahead of you, and peace in the present moment.

This self-paced course is now available for purchase

It is both timely and timeless. It was written/recorded between September – December 2021 and speaks to this moment in time. However, the medicine offered is not limited by time. You go at your own pace, on your own time.


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What Buffy Taught Me About Love:
a self-study course on answering your ancestral calling

This is an enthusiastic nerd-out into our beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This self-study course examines Buffy from a lens of politicized narrative theory and storytelling craft, ancestral healing, and abolition in our lifetime. From Willow’s power, to Buffy’s burdens, Oz’s inner monstrosity, Faith’s prophecy, and the grief and love between mothers, superhero daughters, and unreal sisters – we study both the triumphs and limits of Buffy as an incredible story with much to teach us about the movements and changes we are living through today.

In this course we’ll draw upon the wisdom of astrology, tarot, creative study, soul work and spell work to ask ourselves what it means to be called by our ancestors – past, present and future.

What are your unique super powers born from your survival?
Who is your inner hero, anti-hero and villain?
What is your specific magic, medicine and technology?
What is your slayer lane?
What are you here to protect?
What is your calling and how do you answer?

First, there was a Chosen One, and now there are many.

Slayers, Every One Of Us.

The Holy Snap-Back:
12 principles of my new paradigm relationships

The north node return is an astrological rite of passage that happens every 18-19 years and snaps you into direct conversation with your life’s work, soul’s purpose, and heart’s hunger. This storytime meditation engages the medicine and power of the north node return to help you build a personal foundation for the garden of your dreams. May it grow and thrive in longevity, claim its empowerment, and weather whatever storms are to come.

I Will Remember You:
a conjuring of heart healing to love and be loved

This course is a brave, bold and wild adventure into the crucible, the cazimi, of what so often feels like an impossible intersection with impossible choices: to love and be loved.

Throughout the journey we will decolonize ideas of self-care, self-protection, and self-love. We will de-condition ourselves from the idea that we have to choose between ourselves and our relationships, and that the two are constantly in competition with one another over which is more important.

As a conjuring of heart healing, we will…
tend to heart ache/break, heart opening and expansion, heart protection
claim heart strength and wholeness
understand soul contracts & ancestral agreements
why we repeat or break relationship patterns
myths and stories about twin flames and soul mates
how/why we remember and forget in a context of intimacy and white supremacy
and what it truly means to love and let go.

And just to keep it light, deep and nerdy, to explore these concepts we’ll study what works and doesn’t work between one of TV’s most beloved, (controversial?) and infamous soul mates: Buffy and Angel.

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