Welcome to Scorpio Rising’s School for Artists, Witches, Weirdos and Visionaries 

Scorpio Rising’s School provides regular classes and workshops on a wide range of topics including astrology, tarot, performance, writing, the creative process and more. 

Artists, witches, weirdos and visionaries can all find a home here. So can empaths, survivors, (s)heroes, superqueeros, dreamers, lovers, fighters, tender-gender-queers, wordsmiths, movers, drama kings and queens, extroverts, introverts, path-blazers and game-changers. 

Scorpio Rising, aka Shaunga Tagore’s stage persona/superqueero alter-ego, is the lead facilitator and curriculum developer here. She also regularly brings in exciting guest artists and mentors to learn from and be inspired by. 

photo by Hamidah Hemani
Scorpio Rising performs Letters to the Universe – Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, June 2016
            Photo by Hamidah Hemani


 UPcoming workshop

“The More I Date, The More I Learn About Astrology!” 

Thursday December 8 2016, 5-8pm 
D-Beatstro Cafe: 1292 Bloor Street West (Toronto) 
$15-25 (pay as much as you can afford on the scale) 

A one-off 3 hour crash course on astrology and dating, for my fellows queers and friends. I’ll break down some basic concepts in astrology to help us understand ourselves better in matters of love, intimacy, dating and relationships.

Over the years many people have approached me in a panic and said, “ACK! I’ve started dating a [insert astrological sign here]…am I DOOMED!?” How compatibility works in astrology is complex and fascinating. Secret: it’s never going to tell you who you should or shouldn’t be with, you decide that. But astrology can indicate where we may experience tension or harmony with others, and can give us insights on how to approach challenges and nurture love with each other in ways that are true and authentic to ourselves. 

This workshop will be fun and insightful. Bring all your questions and all your feels. Bring your friends, maybe meet somebody new 😉 

Participants have the option of letting me know if you are interested in having your own birth chart used as an example during the workshop of how compatibility works between charts. I will keep names anonymous.It’s a great way to get some extra insight and information specific to you. Feel free to email me by Tuesday December 6th  with your birth info: day, month, year, time of birth and city of birth.



“Creating with the Universe”


An 8-week creation and performance and development course for artists/performers of any level, emerging or seasoned.

A small group of artists will receive mentorship and training to create a 10-15 minute performance piece by incorporating tools of magic, intuition and universe wisdom into their creation process. This will culminate in a work-in-progress showing of their pieces to a warm and appreciative audience. At the end of 8-weeks, participants will have created a piece that is meaningful, true to themselves, and that has the potential to expand, develop, and grow into larger works of art. 

pdf-document_318-23408Download more information on the approach and tentative curriculum outline of this series. 

If you’d like to keep updated on this series or offer any feedback on the program get in touch! Right now we’re in the process of developing and tweaking the series, and would love to hear any feedback on how to make it most relevant and useful to you. 


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