Breakup Affirmations

Breakup Affirmations is a mini-book of mini-poems with special select illustrations by Heidi Cho. This collection is inspired by my full-length book-in-progress, Medicine for Survivors: a year of heartbreak and magicwhich is part poetry, part memoir and part spell-casting.

In February 2016, to keep myself motivated in my writing process, I challenged myself to share on my social media a small piece of writing inspired by the themes and content of my book every day for one month. Thus breakup affirmations was born. I completed and shared 31 poems for 31 days, to honour 31 years of living in my body (the age I was at the time). I was also thrilled to collaborate with Heidi who illustrated seven poems in the series and brought new life to my words.

Now I have compiled the collection into one e-book available for purchase with 10 extra pages of excerpts from Medicine for Survivors. See below for a sneak peak at some poems or follow the link to purchase the full collection. Once you put in your order, you will receive the e-book in your email inbox. 


$12.00 CAD

02-day-one   12716071_10156593177565171_8640884433276606408_o   breakup affirmations- orephus and eurydice

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