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Illustration by Melisse Watson.

Otherworldly Giants, the podcast, hosted by cosmic storyteller Shaunga Tagore

We are currently in in pre-production!

Enjoy some demo episodes while we prep to officially release season one!

Consider these episodes an appetizer to my podcast as I discuss love, trauma, storytelling and astrology (and so, so much more!) in the context of two current TV shows, Jane the Virgin & The Umbrella Academy.

For more on what brought me to this podcast and my relationship to TV and storytelling in general, read this blog post.

*A note while listening to these demo episodes: there may be some minor sound quality kerfuffles here and there. Part of planning to launch my official podcast involves sourcing the right equipment, setting up my space for optimum recording, and testing out what does and doesn’t work. Thus the demo episodes – not everything will be perfect yet – but we’ll get there!

Episode 5: Some Things Take Time: The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Analysis (Part Two)

Part 2 of a narrative analysis on Season One of The Umbrella Academy! In this episode, I look at all the siblings in The Umbrella Academy, the gift and curse of their super powers, and I get into a discussion of white supremacy and the White Violin.

Show notes: Here’s the article about the treatment of women of colour in this series that I mention in this episode.

Episode 4: The Truth of Integration: The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Analysis (Part One)

Part 1 of a narrative analysis on Season One of The Umbrella Academy! In this episode I discuss the main overarching themes of the first season including time travel, family trauma, survivorship, quantum healing, and the apocalypse. PLUS I do a character and astrological analysis of my favourite character, Number Five!

Episode 3: Letting Go of Control (Released: April 3 2019)

In this episode, I discuss some of the overarching themes in Jane the Virgin such as sex and virginity, intergenerational family dynamics, and the marriage between love, death and birth. PLUS some commentary on the Season 5 premiere and PREDICTIONS for the rest of the season!

Episode 2: Conflict is Sacred (Released: March 26 2019)

In this episode, I give a break-down of the relationship between astrology and storytelling, the Rising Sign (Ascendant) and what your birth story means for your life today. I analyse baby Mateo’s imaginary birth chart and talk about parenting in astrology and JtV, and finally weave in a conversation about conflict – in astrology, in writing, and in life.

Episode 1: Jane the Virgin Pre-Game Show! (Released: March 19 2019)

In this episode, Jane’s love life throughout the series inspires me to speak about jealousy, possessiveness and mature love in relationships, bisexuality in storytelling, the north node in astrology and more. (SPOILERS GALORE!!!)

*NOTE: This episode is temporarily unavailable while we work out some tech kinks. It’ll be back soon!!! 

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