Pay It Forward, Pay It Back

“Pay It Forward, Pay It Back”
is our Reciprocity and Reparations portal
that grounds our Sacred Venus Cazimi.

Sacred Venus Cazimi holds the flow of a balanced, generous, enthusiastic, mutually beneficial spirit of giving and receiving in our sacred entrepreneurship.

We recognize the heart-and-soul work healers and artists do to keep us alive, understood, connected, inspired, and remembering that life is worth living. We hold a very important intersection here at Otherworldly Giants – to uplift and honour Stories as Medicine and the Storyteller as Healer – and we understand our particular contribution to community is vital, necessary and ground-breaking in its unique way.

Pay It Forward, Pay It Back
is for ‘like-spirited’ individuals and groups who also recognize our necessity and want to invest their resources into our work as a gesture of mutual reciprocity, growth, learning and healing.

No genuine, heartfelt investment is too small or too giant.

make a one-time contribution via paypal here

make an ongoing contribution via patreon here

For those in so-called Canada,
e-transfer is an option. Contact us to discuss.

For those called to make a larger investment, this is most welcome! Contact us to discuss.

An Otherworldly Giants Investor…

is fed by our work
and wants us to live well and thrive
while we provide it.

believes in the importance of healing and art
and deeply values the presence of spiritual, relational,
political and creative medicine out in the world.

wants to pay some of their resources forward and back
so we can make our work accessible to, and in collaboration with
disenfranchised and systemically under-resourced
individuals and communities.

Otherworldly Giants was born in March 2022.
(This baby is a Damn Pisces, People!)
In our first year, we are focused on building resources, capacity, relationships and community.
Your energy, appreciation and support
at this crucial stage makes a world of difference to us!

Read on to learn more about what we’re doing with your investment.

💫 Realms of Reciprocity 💫

Realms of Reciprocity are areas that we are pumped to invest our resources – our energy, time, creativity, and money. When you forward your investment to us, this is where we pay it back:

💫 ancestrally guided art & sacred entrepreneurship 💫

Your investment will go toward supporting the ancestrally guided art we create and the sacred business we run. Our collaborators are survivors, Black, Indigenous, people of colour, disabled, neurodivergent, parents, caregivers, Deaf folks, witches, artists and healers. These are people who are systemically under-paid and constantly expected to work for free. When you pay it forward, you help to right this wrong and heal this wound.

Your contribution will help us establish and build an accessibility fund for our theatre/art projects, including ASL interpretation, caregiving support, and other access needs for our collaborators and audience. Plus, you’ll support our mentorship work that helps young, queer, BIPOC survivors to build their sacred businesses and create the art of their dreams.

PRO TIP! You have the option of sending funds in US or Canadian funds via paypal. While we are based in so-called Canada, we have many collaborators living in the so-called US. Whatever US funds we receive, will help us build a fund where we can pay our US collaborators in their own currency.

💫 grief work & heart healing 💫

We truly believe that a personal and collective commitment to grief work is the absolute game-changer in not only creating the worlds we want to live in – but in believing that it is possible, and finding the way. When faced with so many blocks, challenges and perceived impossibilities – both on an individual and collective level – it is often grief at the root, that needs tending in order to move forward. This applies to places where we have been traumatized, as well as where we have caused or contributed to interpersonal/systemic trauma.

Grief and Love is at the heart of everything we do and share. Shaunga’s major grief offering, Let Loss Make You Warm, is designed to help us repair our relationship with grief, and learn how to wield grief as a force of love, our friend, our ally, and our strength.

What many BIPOC and disenfranchised communities need right now is time to rest, slow down, and tend to their grief. Your investment will go toward creating a scholarship fund so that under-resourced individuals and communities can have more access to Shaunga’s grief self-study course and various Otherworldly Giants paid offerings.

💫 teachers, elders & community 💫

For all the work that Otherworldly Giants puts out in the world, there are teachers, elders, and community making all of this possible. When you pay it forward to us, we pay it back to those who are supporting us.

This includes sending reparations to Black and Indigenous Ancestor/Healing projects, and Black/Indigenous #Landback projects, particularly on lands where Shaunga lives, was raised, and those that are currently ensuring her well-being, survival and thriving.

This also involves supporting practitioners of holistic animal medicine grow their study and practise: Shaunga’s love for her animal companions and animals in general is the fuel behind so much of her creations, learnings, teachings and offerings. Your investment will flow back toward the animal medicine carriers who have been supporting Shaunga throughout her journey.

💫 Healing the Community Mother Wound 💫

Shaunga is the creator and lead visionary of Otherworldly Giants.
This is her heart-and-soul-and-spell work.
This is her baby.

Shaunga, at a talk-back after a performance of her one-person-show, “The Erasable Woman” in May 2015. This is the story that initiated her into her practise as an ancestrally guided artist. Photo ID: A South Asian non-binary person with long wavy black hair, wearing a pink dress, sits on a chair on stage. She smiles warmly at the audience.

Shaunga is an ambassador for a role that many of us play in community that has been rifled with heartbreak: Community Mothers, especially women of colour, in the realm of Stories and Storytellers.

These are people who Mother disenfranchised communities by creating space for people to tell their stories, believe in themselves, retrieve their ancestral memories, heal their throat chakra, have their truths witnessed and respected, and let their voices sing – when so many of their experiences with art institutions and societal/familial cultures have shut them down.

These are Mothers who have visioned, created, and sustained independent publishing companies, heart healing books and plays, radical arts education spaces, queer performance showcases, and more.

So often we expect Black/Indigenous/women of colour artists and healers to work for free. We expect these Community Mothers to:

  • provide and provide and provide while being morally against expecting anything in return
  • pay everyone in a project except for themselves
  • be shamed and judged if they dare spend their resources on themselves
  • pour all their resources into keeping a project alive, without a collective contribution of resources, even though that collective continues to benefit from its existence
  • deplete themselves to a point of spiritual and physical starvation in order to keep their work accessible to everyone

This is a personal, collective and ancestral wound.

A sometimes unspoken, but major undercurrent at Otherworldly Giants is healing this wound, deeply and expansively. It flows through everything we receive, create and share back into the world. That means when you invest in us, you are also investing in healing this wound – in yourself, your relationship to it, and our relationship to you.

💫 Join the Flow!💫

make a one-time contribution via paypal here

make an ongoing contribution via patreon here

For those called to make a larger investment, this is most welcome! Contact us to discuss.

For those in so-called Canada, e-transfer is an option. Contact us to discuss.

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