Letters to the Universe

is a multidisciplinary performance showcase and QTBIPOCalypse extravaganza! This piece seamlessly weaves monologue, dance, burlesque, astrology, poetry, video and song. It has emerged through my journey of creating and getting to know The Erasable Woman: A One Woman (Burlesque) Show…this time I’m joined on stage by Anabel Khoo, Sze-Yang Ade Lam, Jelani Ade Lam, Robin Akimbo, Shadrack Jackman and other surprise guests. Produced by Sedina Fiati and Directed by Jelani Ade-Lam, you can catch Letters to the Universe at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Pride Week, June 29 2016. Stay tuned to this page for many more updates as we get closer to show date!

more about Letters to the Universe

Join Scorpio Rising on a journey of diving through portals, alternate dimensions and time warps. Here she discovers ancient magic, traumatic ripples of colonization on her community, and the art of casting spells to change the future.  She meets ghosts with aching heartbreak, ancestors who pass on generational wounds, and invisible friends who come to life. As superqueeros  and epic creatures awaken, the fabric of reality crumbles to make way for new life.  A story of, and an homage to, rebirth, friendship, unapologetic self-love, and QTBIPOC resilience and brilliance. Where the past haunts the future, the future heals the past, and everything, everywhere, is happening in this moment. 

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