Cosmic Coaching

As a cosmic coach, I work with you as both an astrologer and an ancestral/planetary communicator.

The foundation of astrology is the birth chart: a snapshot of the sky the moment you took your first breath. In that picture, the constellations’ unique patterns and shapes tell a story about who you are – a story as nuanced, complex, and extraordinary as you are yourself.

Along with studying your birth chart, I connect with your soul’s energy & your highest self to share insight designed to improve your life, help you understand your circumstances and options, and grow into a deeper sense of self and love.

Additionally, I often weave in energy reading, tarot wisdom, and medicine & lessons from past/parallel lives in my readings. 

To receive your reading, you have the option to request a pre-recorded video or book a live session. Not sure which to choose? Read more here.

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My schedule for Cosmic Coaching / Birth Chart readings is currently closed.

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💫 Ask Me Anything


You have 30-40 minutes to ask me anything! During our live session I will consult with your birth chart, pull some tarot cards, and check in with your cosmic energy to offer you insight, clarity, and practical tools to move forward. We can focus on one question, or a few smaller questions that time allows.

💫 Self-Discovery


This package is only available as a 60-70 minute pre-recorded video.

In this reading I offer:

  • your birth story according to the stars and what it means for you today
  • major ancestral patterns you are healing in this lifetime
  • insight on your soul’s path and life purpose, and your best contribution to the movements, spaces and ideals that matter to you
  • how to approach challenges/obstacles according to major planetary lessons
  • one area of life you want to know more about

This reading gave me the tools and understanding I needed. It was a catalyst for opening further and with confidence to a truer, deeper freedom, and I am so thankful. I am struck by your ability to resonate on a deep level, grounding everything you say with this kind of core-of-the-earth depth and warm flowing strength, and also your joy as you relate what you see.

Elena, Chicago


🌊 Grief & Transitions


This package is available as a 60-70 minute pre-recorded video or 1:1 conversational live video session. It’s for people who need support and guidance during times of transition: navigating a break-up, job loss, major illness, death of a loved one (including a parent, partner, friend, animal companion, community member, child, pregnancy loss), or any circumstance that brings up grief.

In this reading I offer:

  • astrological perspective on the specific nature of your current loss and how to move through it
  • understanding this phase of your life in a larger context of your life path and soul’s evolution
  • what your birth chart says about your relationship to grief/death and your major planetary lessons
  • how to most effectively make use of this time and grow into a deeper sense of self and love
  • suggestions for rituals, creative/healing practices, or daily self-care habits
  • other insights as they are relevant: integrating/coming back to a sense of wholeness after a break-up or job loss; perspective on how to cultivate a new relationship with a loved one in spirit; messages of love, clarity and support from your ancestors or higher/future self

My experience with Shaunga wasn’t just a revelation – it was REVELATIONS. Shaunga knew just when to be silent, when to give me time. That alone is invaluable, but she also subtly shifted the narratives given to me by others and by circumstances to replace them with hope and a deeper understanding of why I’m necessary, and where and why I’ve been hiding my gifts.

Natasha, Oakland


🔥 Creator’s Special


This package is only available as a 1:1 60-70 minute conversational live video session. It’s for people in the midst of creation or co-creation: whether it’s a writing, performance or art project, building a new business, shifting careers, cultivating a personal healing venture, starting a new relationship or deepening a current one (including spiritual/ancestral relationships!).

In this reading I offer:

  • astrological insight on your patterns, challenges and gifts in love and creation
  • how your creative energy best flows and functions according to your major planetary influences
  • how to effectively manage your energy, time, and ground yourself in your needs, desires and purpose
  • address blocks and fears in moving forward or meeting your goals
  • other insights as they are relevant: tools to create a strong container for a creative or spiritual practice; guidance on starting/running your own business; navigating emotions and boundaries in dating/community/partnership (including business and creative partnerships); specific tips unique to your current writing/performance/art project
  • For an extra $50, I can look at a partner’s birth chart in conjunction with yours 

If you are interested in bringing me onto an ongoing creative project as a collaborator, please read more here.

I could actually write pages about what you were able to see and tease out of my birth chart. Your compassion and knowledge made me feel seen and heard on so many levels, from my relationship to motherhood, the work I’ve done creating boundaries in my life, how shitty my last year was, to just knowing more about the ways these really different astrological elements interact within me. Hearing you say “You were meant to write this novel” are words I will keep in my heart forever.

Meg, Toronto


😻 New Parent Special


This package is for – you guessed it – new parents and your beautiful new bb! It is available as a 1:1 conversational live video session or a 60-70 minute pre-recorded video. In this package, I study your child’s birth chart as a gift for you and for them. It is available to parents with children who are 6 years old and younger (including newborns!). I cannot and do not predict your child’s future or the choices they’ll make, I rather approach these readings as a way for you to learn how to best support them according to their unique needs and identity.

In this reading I offer:

  • insight on your child’s life purpose, personal genius, and particular blend of magic
  • astrological perspective on your child’s emotional needs, communication style, energy, habits and how to best support them
  • areas of challenge (we all have them!) and tools/strategies to care for your child accordingly
  • guidance and support for challenges that are coming up for you in your parenting journey
  • For an extra $50, I can look at the birth chart of one parent in conjunction with your child’s

Um, WOW. I just watched my video and wanted to say THANK YOU. There was so much that deeply resonated. In addition to the insights you shared, I really appreciated the super supportive and affirming way you delivered the information. I was a bit scared to watch the video, to be honest, fearing it would be tough love / harsh truth. And while I don’t feel you shied away from the truth, you delivered it in a way that felt safe and digestible.

Tara, Seattle



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