Conversations with the Cosmos

Conversations with the Cosmos is a new program for Otherworldly Giants.

There is a mailing list, classes and intensives. Read on for more details, and if you have any burning questions, keep scrolling for the FAQ or email me directly.

💫 Mailing List

  • Heartfelt cosmic love letters delivered to your inbox sharing celestial and ancestral messages and stories: browse the archive here
  • News, updates, special offers included as relevant

💫 Upcoming Intensive

“I Just Can’t Anymore with this Silence in my Mouth”

an 8-week class on survivorship, astrology & your creative power


In astrology, the outer planets are the heavy hitters. Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus describe our ancestral patterns, childhood trauma, major challenges, gifts and trajectories of growth.

In this intensive, we’ll look at each outer planet’s survivor story, and how their energies show up in our lives. We’ll study how their astrological archetypes, cosmic folktales and ancestral memories live in your birth chart and energy field.

Participants will be invited to bring a creative project or creative practise to work on during the intensive. Throughout the course, we’ll study the planets as well as a related creative concept or technique to strengthen, deepen and hone your creative power, voice and genius.

The title of this class is inspired by the rage I feel in my body related to my survivorship. In the recent past I heard myself saying out loud: “I just CAN’T anymore with this silence in my mouth.”

I knew I needed a new way to release this rage from my body. I needed a ritual to express it, give it voice and catharsis. This class is that ritual, and I want to share it with you.

Rage is truth. Rage is the full expression of our humanity.
Rage doesn’t have to be exhausting. Rage can be peaceful.
Rage is passion.
Rage is laughter.
Rage is wonder.
Rage is anger.
Rage is beauty.
Rage is grief.
Rage is transformation.
Rage is fuel.
Rage is purpose.
Rage is our aliveness.

Rage is our Creative Power.

Dates for this intensive have not yet been set. Spots will be limited. Sign up for the waitlist to access early bird rates and be the first to know when registration opens.

Questions? email me directly or check back in the near future for more info.

Conversations with the Cosmos is a program for Otherworldly Giants. What does that mean?

OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS is the name of an astrological play I’m writing, and its companion podcast.

But Otherworldly Giants is more than fictional characters in a story – it’s us. One of the things I loved about watching Buffy as a teenager, or Sailor Moon as a kid, is that it made me believe that I, too, was a Slayer. I, too, was a celestial creature reincarnated from the stars trying to remember who I am.

Otherworldly Giants are people who carry a deep intuitive knowing – we are here on this planet for a reason. We don’t always know the reason, but we feel the calling, and we want the support to fulfill it.

Many of us have struggled with being alive in this world, because we’ve never really belonged anywhere…and yet we are absolutely meant to be here. Now. Today.

We remember something, somewhere – maybe from another lifetime, maybe from deep within our bodies – a world where everyone is free. That is why it is so hard, sometimes, to be here. That is why we’ll never give up our right to claim it.

Our creative energy and the way we love is a force to be reckoned with – and sometimes we’re scared that it will overpower and consume us if we let it out.

We have made habits of dimming our light, denying what we’re capable of, and shrinking our genius, because we’re scared people won’t be able to handle us at our most powerful.

We are committed to healing ourselves, deeply, in our lifetime, for our past and future ancestors.

No matter how many times we fall into hopelessness, no matter how many times we hit dead ends, no matter how many times we leave homes and die – we always rise again.

And so much more!

If my work speaks to you, if it moves you – chances are you are an
Otherworldly Giant, my friend.

Wanna stay in touch?

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