Conversations with the Cosmos

Conversations with the Cosmos is a new monthly membership program for Otherworldly Giants.

There is a free mailing list and a paid package. Read on for more details, and if you have any burning questions, keep scrolling for the FAQ or email me directly.

💫 Free Mailing List

  • A monthly cosmic report, in the form of a heartfelt written letter, delivered to your inbox the 1st week of every month: sharing major energetic, ancestral and celestial messages to help us meet the challenges and opportunities ahead of us
  • News, updates, special offers included as relevant

Ready to join the free mailing list?

💫 Paid Package

Because 2020 is the first year I’m launching a paid membership program (whee!), I’ll be offering a series of 2-month intensives throughout the year. Each intensive will have a different focus, structure, and theme. You only have to commit to one intensive at a time, and then decide if you want to continue on with the next one. FIRST UP:

2020: HOLY $#?!

(January – February 2020)

Part One: Remembering Truths, Removing Lies

Part Two: Living with Anticipatory Grief


January’s Pluto/Saturn conjunction is sharp and precise: it hits where it is necessary and also where it hurts. There is so much happening around us, and to us, that is out of our control. One place we can find agency is in what we believe about ourselves and the world. There are LIES embedded into our subconscious born from intimate, intergenerational and familial gaslighting, and oppressive conditioning. It’s clear to me that the best way to approach the challenges in January is to bring awareness to the most insistent lies we’re dealing with, and connect to a greater/deeper truth. This allows for spaciousness in our subconscious and consciousness, and opens us to strategy, creativity, opportunity, clarity and purpose.

Part two, living with anticipatory grief, is about exploring how we respond to uncertainty, fear of the unknown, and to losses and changes that are inevitable (personally and globally), even though we have no idea how things will play out or what will actually happen. Anticipatory grief is ferocious, confusing and can feel/be incredibly disempowering. I’ve learned a lot about this in 2019, and will be sharing insight, reflections, tools and support around this theme to those who join.

What You Get

  • Two in-depth group energy reading videos, roughly 30-45 minutes each, related to the above themes in relationship to the astrological and cosmic energy of the current moment (will be sent out mid-January & mid-February)
  • Short emails throughout the two months with relevant astrological and cosmic wisdom, including: tarot card guidance, planetary messages, optional writing prompts, fun homework, or meditations/prayers/affirmations related to the them.
  • All content is designed to keep us focused, grounded and inspired, in the midst of our various challenges, opportunities and circumstances
  • Folks who sign up will have access to discount and sliding scale rates for individual birth chart readings in 2020


$60 (ie same as $30/month)

Deadline: JANUARY 10th 2020

How to sign up

  1. Send payment via my PAYPAL LINK HERE or via e-transfer to by the deadline (use “astrology” for the security answer)
  2. Make sure you include your EMAIL in the notes / comments section of the e-transfer or paypal transfer. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP, PLEASE DON’T FORGET IT!
  3. You’ll get a confirmation of your payment within 1-3 business days. If you don’t receive confirmation, please contact me directly and we’ll sort it out.

But, hold up! What about my burning questions? Read the FAQ below or email me directly.

“What’s an in-depth group energy reading?”

In these videos I connect energetically to everyone who has joined my membership program. I work as a clairvoyant/clairaudient, cross-dimensional communicator, tarot reader and astrologer. When I read a group’s ‘energy’ I often see potent images, I hear/receive specific messages, I connect with significant past/parallel lives, all with the aim of offering clarity, affirmation, insight, and empowerment for the times we’re living through. I will often draw tarot cards, or speak to specific astrological/planetary information in order to communicate the message.

I also have the strong ability to apply multi-dimensional messages into practical tools and grounded insight to help us navigate our every day realities. I share all my work from an anti-racist, intersectional feminist, queer/trans positive, survivor-centric perspective.

If you’d like to get a sense of what these videos are like, there is still time to watch my Mid-December 2019 video, which I sent out to all folks on the mailing list as a free trial.

Sign up for my mailing list before January 3rd and I’ll send you the free bonus content from December.

For those of you who have followed my work for a while, these group energy readings will be very similar to my monthly horoscopes I offered throughout 2018-mid 2019. However, instead of doing a reading for each zodiac sign, I do a reading specifically for the group who has joined my membership.

What’s the deal with a group reading verses an individual reading?

I believe that people are drawn to my work for a reason, that we all have something in common. I wanted to create a special corner of the sky for us. There are many of us navigating similar challenges and healing vibrations; we are transforming similar legacies and patterns. Our lives may be very different, but we are connected. How we apply the insight and messages I share in my group readings may vary significantly, but the same message resonates in each of our lives. (How cool is that?!) Even if in some readings I may pick up on something that someone else is going through, I believe we all benefit from hearing each other’s messages.

Individual readings, on the other hand, are ALL ABOUT YOU! I look at your very unique and specific birth chart, you let me know about your very unique and specific circumstances, and I give you a super in-depth personalized reading. You can read more about those packages here. Individual readings are much more expensive than the membership monthly fee, AND you get a discount on those individual readings if you join the paid membership.

How do I know if I’m an Otherworldly Giant?

OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS is the name of an astrological play I’m writing, and its companion podcast.

But Otherworldly Giants is more than fictional characters in a story – it’s us. One of the things I loved about watching Buffy as a teenager, or Sailor Moon as a kid, is that it made me believe that I, too, was a Slayer. I, too, was a celestial creature reincarnated from the stars trying to remember who I am.

Otherworldly Giants are people who carry a deep intuitive knowing – we are here on this planet for a reason. We don’t always know the reason, but we feel the calling, and we want the support to fulfill it.

Many of us have struggled with being alive in this world, because we’ve never really belonged anywhere…and yet we are absolutely meant to be here. Now. Today.

We remember something, somewhere – maybe from another lifetime, maybe from deep within our bodies – a world where everyone is free. That is why it is so hard, sometimes, to be here. That is why we’ll never give up our right to claim it.

Our creative energy and the way we love is a force to be reckoned with – and sometimes we’re scared that it will overpower and consume us if we let it out.

We have made habits of dimming our light, denying what we’re capable of, and shrinking our genius, because we’re scared people won’t be able to handle us at our most powerful.

We are committed to healing ourselves, deeply, in our lifetime, for our past and future ancestors.

No matter how many times we fall into hopelessness, no matter how many times we hit dead ends, no matter how many times we leave homes and die – we always rise again.

And so much more!

If my work speaks to you, if it moves you – chances are you are an
Otherworldly Giant, my friend.

So, are you ready?

Check out Shaunga’s new weekly series, COSMIC FOLKTALES, a blend of memoir, fantasy, ancestral/astrological channeling, for those of us moving through great times of transition, grief, ending and beginning cycles, and the crossroads.

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