break-up affirmations

is a mini book of mini poems, with special select illustrations by the brilliant artist, Heidi Cho. See more of Heidi’s work here.

It started out as a challenge to myself to write and post a small piece of writing every day for one month, inspired by my full-length book currently in progress, Medicine for Survivors: a year of heartbreak and magic. This is both to keep myself motivated to finish my first draft, as well as to share with others themes, moments and learnings I’ve come across during the writing process. For 31 days (dedicated to 31 years of living in this body), I will post a different poem and/or illustration on this page. After the month is over, I’ll compile it into an e-book available for download. day 1: 01. loved day 2: i still want to live day 3: illustration by the wonderful Heidi Cho! breakup affirmations- orephus and eurydice day 4: the title of this poem is a quote by Mark Aguhar; queer, brown, trans femme brilliance, reminding me/us to be intentional about where and to whom we offer our energy. please check out her work, here’s a place to start04. breakup affirmations template - worthy day 5: 05. breakup affirmations template - wanting forgiveness day 6: 12697056_10156589929805171_6195928723544562142_o day 7: 12716071_10156593177565171_8640884433276606408_o day 8: break-affirmations day 8 is special since it is also my Thakuma’s birthday! last year it was also what would have been an anniversary of a newly broken relationship. I wanted to have a funeral for that relationship and I also wanted to celebrate my Thakuma’s birthday; so I invited some good friends over to share ritual, food, and good times. later, I wrote a piece about it in my book, Medicine for Survivors, “funi-birth-eral”. Today I am blessed to know a relationship with Thakuma’s spirit and come to the funny/lovely realization that not much has changed between life and death. She is still quietly cheering me on in the background, and she is still my super-(s)hero ❤ 12654135_10156595576260171_770828035600465350_n day 9: illustration by Heidi Cho 1st anniversary without day 10: 12694952_10156602759845171_2009400119756765768_o day 11: 12716445_10156606751020171_7798162457511140146_o day 12: 10841859_10156609900055171_5969293972332275175_o day 13: 12716445_10156612785210171_4345269072903594503_o day 14: 12711241_10156616857415171_1275556112998323984_o day 15: with artwork by Heidi Cho 12748109_10156620588210171_8456189709594403815_o day 16: 12716186_10156624481645171_603513432779362067_o day 17: artwork by Heidi Cho 12715913_10156627338705171_3511110302869042108_o day 18: this one goes out to all my bad bitch tenderqueer delicate fucking flowers! title of this piece is inspired by a buzzfeed article and comic drawn by Loryn Brantz. 12716360_10156631931665171_2440030173249378843_o day 19: 12764639_10156634951940171_5996308714965344234_o day 20: 12671787_10156639064330171_2673851584143130713_o day 21: 12419233_10156643129795171_5055334745784645251_o day 22: break-up affirmations day 22. so about a year and a half ago i was itching to do some kind of healing work, but i didn’t know what or with who. then i got the magical opportunity to travel to oakland …I didn’t know where I was going to stay but randomly ended up at SOL, a community event space and home with a beautiful medicine garden in the backyard…and there I found Free Woman who is truly the healer my spirit was searching for. Also because at the end of our first session she said: “Oh…we’ve known each other for 4-5 lifetimes…and your ancestors brought you here…and we have been planning this reunion for a long time!” working with Free Woman over the last year really changed my life, and touched many more lives when she came to visit toronto last summer. This poem is dedicated to her, and thank you so much to Heidi for bringing this magical story to life with another beautiful illustration!!

check out Free Woman’s website or contact her at

breakup affirmations - finding free woman day 23: 12768272_10156649327790171_7165206551276936310_o day 24: artwork by Heidi Cho 11259879_10156652944630171_3832947603885289410_o

day 25:


day 26:


day 27:


day 28:


day 29:


day 30: last piece of artwork by the lovely Heidi Cho!


day 31: here completes 31 poems for 31 years of living in this body!


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