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Welcome to On The Spot with Shaunga Tagore: a weekly astrology advice and interview series.

In each episode, I answer a different listener question, from dating/break-up advice, to rebuilding confidence after an astrological shit storm, to understanding the healing process through the birth chart and more. It’s similar to most advice columns, except for one twist: I have the listener’s birth chart in front of me – I answer their question in ways that are both specific to their unique planetary combinations, as well as relevant to a wider audience who may also be struggling with their question.

Every so often, I release a special episode where I invite an artist, healer, entrepreneur or general badass person to share a conversation with me about our work, creative process and healing journey. And you guessed it – I’ll also have their birth chart in front of me and weave in a fascinating astrological conversation into the mix.

Season 1 of On the Spot is now live and released weekly (every Wednesday) during Fall 2018.

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Season 1, Episode 5:
What is Blocking Me from Finding a Long-Term Partner? 

Season 1, Episode 4:
I Can’t Seem To Get Over My Ex!


Season 1, Episode 3:
Can’t Find Direction in my Career & Life Path

Season 1, Episode 2:
How to Change My Queer Dating Patterns?

Season 1, Episode 1:
How To Rebuild Confidence During/After an Astrological Shit-Storm 

Need some astrological advice that is specific to you and your unique situation? I offer in-depth 60 min birth chart readings.


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