Astro Advice Series

Welcome to “On the Spot”, with Shaunga Tagore: an astrology advice video series

In the Fall of 2018, I took a bunch of listener questions from my social media and created a series of astrology advice videos! It’s similar to most advice columns, except for one twist: I have the listener’s birth chart in front of me. And I answer their question in ways that are both specific to their unique planetary combinations, as well as relevant to a wider audience who may also be struggling with a similar question.

This is your chance to see a live birth chart interpretation in action, and get a sense on how I approach my individual readings, which you can read more about here.

Season 1, Episode 5:
What is Blocking Me from Finding a Long-Term Partner? 

Season 1, Episode 4:
I Can’t Seem To Get Over My Ex!

Season 1, Episode 3:
Can’t Find Direction in my Career & Life Path

Season 1, Episode 2:
How to Change My Queer Dating Patterns?

Season 1, Episode 1:
How To Rebuild Confidence During/After an Astrological Shit-Storm 

Need some astrology advice that is specific to you and your unique situation?

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