Creative Collaboration

I am available to work as a creative coach, cosmic dramaturg, or artistic collaborator on ongoing creative projects.

I have a background in theatre, poetry, creative non-fiction, dance, burlesque, movement arts, and music. My creative coaching is unique and one-of-a-kind, as I blend my knowledge of astrology, tarot, energy reading and ancestral communication into the mix.

My own creative work often explores themes of survivorship, mythology, race, gender, queer love and community, childhood trauma, power dynamics in interpersonal relationships, spirit, purpose, rebirth, death, trauma, grief, resilience, and joy.

From Letters to the Universe (2017, The Theatre Centre). Photo by Phoenix Rising Photography.

I am invested in cultivating a language, practice, and community around theatre and performance as ritual.

I am immersed in a thriving community of QTBIPOC* artists, and am experienced in mentoring, producing and curating space for radical storytellers to develop their strength, craft, voice and empowerment.

I am especially excited about working with fellow QTBIPOC artists, women, survivors, trans & non-binary people, or any radical and ‘like-spirited’ artists working with content aimed toward personal, spiritual and collective freedom.

*QTBIPOC: queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of colour

These are some ways I can work with you on your creative project:

  • help you create a safe container to work with ancestral healing, trauma and/or ritual in your piece and in your process
  • dramaturgy/direction to bring your performance, script, or work to its full fruition
  • astrological guidance on how to best understand your creative energy and effectively work with it
  • help you understand and support the portal, spell, healing and/or transformation you are evoking through your work
  • support in digging deep and getting to the roots and heart of what you want to communicate and express
  • I’m also a skilled performer and voice actor, and you can hire me to perform in your work!

My fees vary from project to project.

Contact me directly to discuss the scope of your project and how we might like to collaborate.

The depth, compassion and honesty of Shaunga’s own creative work is reflected in her Creative Coaching. She supported me in moving through my blocks, seeing the blocks themselves as places where story and creativity lies, and building a piece that spoke to my personal truth. In moments that I felt unsure about my ability to create, I thought back to conversations with Shaunga and found my way back to my vision and inventiveness.

A.J., Toronto

Learn more about my current creative project, a multi-dimensional new musical:

Otherworldly Giants

Watch an excerpt from my past theatre project, Letters to the Universe. You can also read more about Letters here.

This excerpt is written & performed by Shaunga Tagore, with supporting performer Anabel Khoo.
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