Creative Collaboration


Photo by Phoenix Rising Studio. 

My work as a Creator combines writing, performance and ritual. I weave together multiple genres including theatre, dance, voice, song, poetry, video and burlesque. I have worked primarily in queer people of colour communities and projects. I’ve produced my own work as well as acted as a mentor, collaborator, and co-producer with others. Get a sense of the Projects I’ve worked on here. If you are interested in collaborating on a creative project, contact me and let’s chat!

Creative Coaching

My work as a Creative Coach is to anchor and support you while you manifest your creative projects from conception to completion. My creative coaching can help you:

  • Identify and focus your goals, scope and vision of your project
  • Provide dramaturgy or feedback on your current draft of a writing or performance project
  • Work with ritual, ancestors, rebirth, or vulnerable topics in your creative process
  • Find your unique blend of structure, discipline, rhythm and flow
  • Stay motivated, clear away creative blocks, and discover new possibilities in your process
  • Offer astrological insight on how to best channel your creative energy

Cost for my creative services is dependent on the scope, needs, and timeline of your project. Contact me and we can discuss further!


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