The Otherworldly Giants mission is
to create and study stories
that serve as altars for the new paradigm.

All the content we share are pieces of altars built to serve the birthing of new worlds, planetary and ancestral healing, and sacred intentions, whether a spell, a prayer, a desire, a calling, a choice, or a (r)evolution.

Shaunga’s beloved Let Loss Make You Warm is a grief memoir, self-study course, meditation and medicine jar – and all of it is layed out as an altar.

Otherworldly Giants Storytelling School was first released in March 2022, but the birthing of this new baby (aka sacred entrepreneurship) is blooming layer by layer. The phases of opening, launching, releasing and birthing are altars in and of themselves.

Between March-April 2022 we shared our “Early Nerd” Altar.

As of July 23, 2022, we begin our Blooming Altar, which serves this calling:

May the Artist Who Loves Her Ancestors Bloom.

The Blooming Altar coincides with the release of our Patreon and Reciprocity and Reparations program!

Read more about it on our first patreon post, which is available to the public for free.


Learn more about our
Storytelling School

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