I Will Remember You

This course is a grand and intimate study of one of the most iconic soul mates ever known to humanity and television:

Buffy and Angel.

Buffy and Angel remind us that finding a soul mate is not a guarantee that your relationship will work out, or that you’ll stay together. It just means that you’ve received the gift (and curse) of knowing someone you share a larger purpose with, and whose soul is intimately tied to yours.

A “soul’s contract” is an agreement that two people make together – outside of this life, world and time – to meet here and now. This agreement serves a higher purpose, bigger than your relationship, but one that your spirit yearns to experience intimately.

By studying Buffy and Angel’s big relationship moments, as well as their individual journeys apart, we understand the soul-level contracts they trigger and inspire in one another. We gain profound insight on what makes them choose each other and leave each other, across time, space, distance, forgetting and remembering.

We’ll look at myths, mythologies and various perspectives on the concept of soul mates, soul contracts and twin flames. We’ll examine major character arcs, relationship dynamics, storylines and themes from both series – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and its spin-off, Angel, with a focus on the iconic cross-over episode, “I Will Remember You.

We make a case that both Buffy and Angel had something important to learn about their individual lives through their connection with each other; a lesson that reverberates through the entire series of both Buffy and Angel.

In this portal, you will conjure your own heart healing. You’ll retrieve deeper insight into your soul contracts, break relationship curses, claim your gifts in intimacy, and repair relationship with your inner twin flame.

Each of us will find our unique resonance with what it means
to love and let go, to love and be loved.

💫 Key Course Concepts 💫

Perspectives on Self vs Others

  • how do we heal and transform the impossible binary, and no-win conflict between self-care verses community care?
  • decolonizing various perceptions and experiences of the SELF: self-protection, self-interest, self-centeredness, and self-study

Teachings on Ancestral Time, Death & Remembering

  • what is borrowed time?
  • when do we choose death over time or vice versa?
  • how do we remember and forget in a context of white supremacy and ancestral healing?

Reflections on Redemption, Forgiveness and Justice

  • what does it mean to be right with your soul?
  • understanding the astrological concept of “Venus Cazimi” as the crucible of justice and love
  • Examining Forgiveness and Fatherhood through Angel/Connor and Buffy/Giles, and how Buffy/Angel trigger this healing in each other

Story Time Meditation

  • Shaunga’s Heart Healing Story: What Angel Taught Me About Grace

💫 Course Material is Subject to Change 💫

I Will Remember You is a sister course to What Buffy Taught Me About Love: a 10-part course on answering your ancestral calling. Learn more about it HERE!

These courses will be launched sometime in 2024, once the Otherworldly Giants Divination Channel (aka podcast) gets to the end of our first season, Grief, Love & Buffy! We began releasing episodes in September 2022, and will continue to share over the next year. The material you listen to on the podcast will lay the foundation for our subsequent course work.

Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Stitcher or Spotify, listen directly on the website, and check out our season one episode break down.


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