Our Grandmothers’ Dreams

This piece is part of “The Blooming Altar” a live storytelling altar. It is one piece that contains three pieces within it.

This is the time for our Grandmothers’ Dreams to RISE.

Many of our elders ended their lives having fulfilled many love stories.

But there were some dreams, that no matter how much they tried, they just couldn’t realize.

Our grandmothers transitioned while carrying the ache of knowing certain dreams are no less than essential, and still incomplete.

But, what if…

Your grandmothers were not longing for the dream, in and of itself, as much as they were longing…

for you.

They felt you, understood you, and believed what is possible for you, into certainty.

Even if that certainty was a secret in their gut and faith in their bones they had no way of speaking or explaining, even to themselves.

All along, their need for their dream was simply their need for you.

They were longing for their grandchild.

All along, it was their love for you, and trust in you

to live
the dreams you both share…

because you are the one
who will complete them.

My grandmother sent me this very clear message on the 17th anniversary of her transition day, September 11.

Actually, she sent me this message through reminding me about an episode and song from the TV show, This Is Us – that absolutely makes me lose my shit because it’s so profound!

I tell the story in this video I recorded, which is available exclusively for Patreon supporters.

Take note this video contains SPOILERS for This Is Us!

Take note the time code on this video: 38.06 (Read on for why that number is mind-blowingly prophetic.)


The message about ‘dreams’ on her 17th transition anniversary is not a coincidence given that ’17’ in tarot numerology is the STAR card: the dreams we do and don’t realize in our lifetime.

The wonderful thing about being a Spirit-led storyteller creating a body of work that exists as a living Altar…there are ancestral clues and codes to unlock in each story. Clues in one story unlock codes in other stories, in turn unlock synchronous healing in the Self, the Lineage, and the World.

“17” came up as a clue and a code in the recent piece I wrote: 6-3-8: Answering the Call…

…As I was 17 when I moved away from the town in which I was born, and as of this month it is officially 17 years that I’ve lived in Tkaronto.

6-3-8 is the area code of my hometown – a code that told me exactly when and where my dreams (17) would be unlocked: 2022 (2+2+2=6), in Tkaronto (“the 6ix”), at age 38 (my current age).

For this moment, I would need my 17 year old self and my 38 year old self to hold hands. Only together can we unlock a golden box with our name written on it, holding a secret hidden for many generations, that would help us remember what it means to want to die and want to live. Together, we can dial the combination. Together we remember the numbers.

At age 17 I was asked to make the choice to either stay where I was (it was comfortable and familiar), or leave for somewhere new (an adventure with no guarantees).

If I had stayed – I would have had a good year. A powerful year. It would have been a good choice.

But I didn’t stay. I took the risk, and what I found was a bigger love than I could have imagined.

This is the type of choice many of us are being asked to make right now, myself included.

Read the Whole Story of 6-3-8 Here.

Our Grandmothers want us to know that we don’t have to wait for another lifetime in order to realize our dreams.

How about right fucking now.

The last thing I’ll share here is a recording of a short instagram post I made 1 or 2 months back, called “This Time.”

This recording is part of our “Get Hype About Your Life” meditation series. I’ll write the text below, and I also encourage you to listen to it as there is a surprise at the end…


Why!? Because our next podcast episode, called “YELLOW: I Have Wounds But I’m Not Wounded” is now released tomorrow and we officially kick off season one.

Take note, this is the 6th storytelling piece on our Blooming Altar, but there are technically 3 pieces within this piece, which means the total amount of pieces are…8.

You can’t make this up folks.

This meditation is on Patreon and available to the public for free.

Listen to the Recording Here.

This time, it’s gonna work out.

Whatever it is for you.

The thing that you have pursued through countless trial by fires,
that you have stayed committed to while the rug repeatedly got pulled from under you,
that you have approached from every angle you could think of,
that you have kept praying for,
kept trying for,
kept showing up for,

even after every time it just kind of…fizzled…and went nowhere…

(or blown up dramatically, take your pick)

the seeds you kept planting for the harvest you haven’t yet been able to enjoy…

the thing, you know THE THINGS!

that you know you have not been given any guarantee, any evidence, any blueprints, role models, any practical reason to believe could be yours in your lifetime…

…and whatever it means to you for things to “work out”…

underneath the conditioning of wounded expectations
and beneath the tyranny of capitalist-colonial instant gratification

there is a KNOWING deep inside of you that is
and long lasting

– existing before and after your time –

the part of you that is


about what it means for things to “work out”

and is ready

to feel it
receive it
become it.

This time, it’s different.

Believe it.


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