non-linear healing package + support Shaunga’s sick leave

Dear friends, I am on a sick leave for the rest of March-April 2020. You can read more here about my thoughts behind making that decision, as well as what it means to build a grief-centered business.

In short, everything in the Universe and in myself is telling me to take this time to rest and prioritize my health instead of putting more work on my plate. And, I’m asking my community to support me in this decision.

This month, instead of running a new class, or doing birth chart readings, I wanted to honour the free work that I’ve shared with my community over the last few years.

In 2017, each month I wrote in-depth nuanced pieces with deep analysis and insight on each zodiac sign. In 2018, I wrote transformative horoscope-based loved letters to each sign every month, as well as shared 30-50 minute healing videos for every zodiac sign.

I am so proud of the work I put out there. When I started, I didn’t know how transformative it would be for myself and for others. Through this work I realized my ability to communicate directly with the planets and the signs, instead of just interpreting their symbols. I connected to hundreds of more people through my work deeply and expansively. I was continually humbled at the feedback I received at how important these videos/letters were to so many folks. (You can read my testimonials page for some of those comments.)

The really cool thing about putting out videos and writing on the internet – the work is both timely and timeless. Yes, a lot of the writing/videos were catered specifically for the time I wrote/recorded them…

…at the same time I shared nuanced insight and messages that are not bound by time — not only about the zodiac signs, but also about grief, break-ups, purpose, creativity, ancestral healing, multidimensional healing and more.

I also know from experience that often times when I have a recording of an astrological/spiritual healing session — I listen to those recordings again and again. I always find new, important and relevant information every time I listen.

In this spirit, I’ve included a compilation of the videos and writing I’ve shared over the last few years. I invite you to re-watch/read (or watch/read for the first time) any video(s) or writing that calls to you, with the notion that there may be important messages that want to reach you and support you now.

In exchange I’m asking for donations of any amount that you can spare sending my way. Your contribution, however big or small, will support me in taking this much needed sick leave. It’ll support me in taking care of my health as well as supporting my beloved animal companions who have had complicated and expensive health issues over the last year as they grow into their senior years.

Any donation is much appreciated, even if in small amounts. Larger donations are of course welcome too and will help me cover some of my more expensive health related costs. For example, if 15 people can give $100, that will help me cover my vet bills for this month. If 25 can give $100, that will help me cover my vet bills and my own dental bills.

Here’s How to Support

Send donations by e-transfer to (use “what is this for?” and “sick leave” as the security question/answer); or via my paypal link here.

As an added bonus, for anyone who sends me donations of $50 or more, I will send you a special gift sometime in the future! (It’ll be something along the lines of my usual astrological/cosmic/ancestral channeling, healing messages, writing, etc.) Also in the spirit of non-linear healing: think of this as buying an amazing gift for your future self, that you’ll forget about and be surprised with when the time is right.

Note: if you send $50 or higher, please include your email in the “messages” portion of the e-transfer or paypal (or email me directly to let me know you donated) – so I can send your future self a gift!

If you want to support me but don’t have the money to spare, I welcome other exchanges:

  • share and spread the word to your friends or networks who you think may benefit from my work and encourage them to donate
  • driving help: are you an experienced, confident, safe driver and do you live in tkaronto / toronto? let me know if you can help me with some driving errands (you don’t need to have a car!)
  • home handy work: are an experienced, skilled, reliable handy person and do you live in tkaronto / toronto? let me know if you can help me with some home handy tasks!
  • bodywork / various healing modalities: let me know if you want to exchange a service with me; not all services will work for me at all times, but I’m open to hearing ideas!
  • anything else you want to share – I am open to suggestions! ❤

I also want to shout out a bunch of other places to send your energy, whether emotional, physical and/or financial. Know that when these communities and initiatives are supported, I am supported as well (and we all are supported).

*Unist’ot’en camp legal fund + Wet’suwet’en soveriegnty
*Tyendinaga Mohawk land defenders
*Black Lives Matter
*Equality Labs and other orgs and initiatives that support Muslim/Indigenous/Dalit communities in India (and everywhere) as they are living with ongoing violence via to Hindu Nationalist Supremacy
*People’s Healing Fund
*The Water Bear Cooperative Land Project
*High Moon Femme Tarot
*Any other Black/Indigenous resistance movements or folks asking for direct support

Lastly, I am aware that there are many of us on this vibration right now of needing to take a step back and rest. A lot of us need to ask our communities for support at this time. Please know that if you decide to make this choice, that ALSO supports me in my well-being. I uplift you and celebrate you in that decision.

Ready for the non-linear healing compilation package!?! Read on ❤

In-depth writing with deep analysis and insight on each zodiac sign and season:

The Spirit of Aries
The Spirit of Taurus
The Spirit of Gemini
The Spirit of Cancer
The Spirit of Leo
The Spirit of Virgo
The Spirit of Libra
The Spirit of Scorpio
The Spirit of Sagittarius
The Spirit of Capricorn
The Spirit of Aquarius
The Spirit of Pisces

Horoscope videos and letters (read/watch for your sun/moon/rising)

Re-visit these amazing horoscope videos and love letters. I’m including the title and themes of the videos. Click on whatever calls to you, with the spirit that whatever you read/listen to has insight or medicine you need to receive now. You can even make a ritual out of it, like every Sunday morning you can pick a different video to listen to, etc.

The following are collective energy reading videos:

The Sharpness of your Wings (June 2019)

Aries New Moon: An Ode to Self Love (April 2019)

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: Move at the Speed of Trust/Truth (March 2019)

Pisces-Aries Portal: Love & Death (March 2019)

Let Loss Make You Warm (February 2019)

2019: The Year Ahead (January 2019)

Goodbye 2018 (December 2018)

The following are horoscope videos for each zodiac sign:

The Eagle Speaks (November 2018), click to find a video for each sign including:

Aries: Creator’s PTSD
Taurus: Upside Down Detox
Gemini: Clear the Plate
Cancer: More Than One Home
Leo: Underworld Love
Virgo: Simplicity
Libra: Venus & Mars
Scorpio: The Right Road
Sagittarius: Spiritual Decluttering
Capricorn: Emotional Wealth
Aquarius: Wholeheartedly
Pisces: Nothing to Prove

Held by the Stars (October 2018), click to find a video for each sign, including:

Aries: Accept Thy Self
Taurus: Eye of the Storm
Gemini: Stillness in the Universe
Cancer: Invisible Mystery
Leo: Why You Are Here
Virgo: Not Alone
Libra: Finish Line
Scorpio: Before Birth
Sagittarius: Repair
Capricorn: Body Grief
Aquarius: Own It
Pisces: Release

What the Body Speaks (September 2018), click to find a video for each sign, including:

Aries: Fists of Grief & Hope
Taurus: Pleasure Is Key
Gemini: Ecosystem Party!
Cancer: Cracks in the Sky
Leo: Footsteps to the Garden
Virgo: Hands Without Bitterness
Libra: Invisible Back-Pack
Scorpio: Bleeding Heart
Sagittarius: Body Comes First
Capricorn: The Earth Journey
Aquarius: Leadership
Pisces: Core Strength

What Love Means for Your Sign (August 2018), click to find a video for each sign including:

Aries: Love is Commitment
Taurus: Love is Grieving
Gemini: Love is Autonomy
Cancer: Love is Warmth
Leo: Love is Celebration
Virgo: Love is Long-Term Stability
Libra: Love is the New Contract
Scorpio: Love is Non-Attachment
Sagittarius: Love is Empowerment
Capricorn: Love is Forgiveness
Aquarius: Love is Creation
Pisces: Love is Closure

Your Zodiac Sign’s Family Wound (July 2018), click to find a video for each sign, including:

Aries’ Family Wound: Backward Motion
Taurus’ Family Wound: The Gap Between Words & Action
Gemini’s Family Wound: Mercury’s Suffering
Cancer’s Family Wound: The Glorious Cake
Leo’s Family Wound: The Difference Between Quiet & Silent
Virgo’s Family Wound: What Does It Matter?
Libra’s Family Wound: Fragmentation
Scorpio’s Family Wound: The Breaking Point
Sagittarius’ Family Wound: Don’t Ask Why
Capricorn’s Family Wound: Skewed Recognition
Aquarius’ Family Wound: The Black Sheep
Pisces’ Family Wound: The Malleable Shape

Yours Truly, The Stars (June 2018), click to find a video for each sign, including:

Aries’ Lesson: A Deeper Magic
Taurus’ Lesson: The Definition of Trust
Gemini’s Lesson: Fulfillment
Cancer’s Lesson: Share the Load
Leo’s Lesson: True Confidence
Virgo’s Lesson: Relief
Libra’s Lesson: Re-design
Scorpio’s Lesson: Loyalty
Sagittarius’ Lesson: Regeneration
Capricorn’s Lesson: Belief in Love
Aquarius’ Lesson: The New Blueprint
Pisces’ Lesson: The Other Side of Sacrifice

Your Zodiac Sign’s Origin Story (May 2018), click to find a video for each sign, including:

Aries Origin Story: Have It All
Taurus Origin Story: The Return
Gemini Origin Story: The Split
Cancer Origin Story: The Womb 2.0
Leo Origin Story: The Impossible Truth
Virgo Origin Story: The Inner Earth Ancestor
Libra Origin Story: Medusa’s Innocence
Scorpio Origin Story: The Big Wave
Sagittarius Origin Story: Not The Only One
Capricorn Origin Story: You, The Mountain
Aquarius Origin Story: The Arrival
Pisces Origin Story: It’s Already Here

Mercury Retrograde Recovery Guide (April 2018), including a video for each sign

New Beginnings in the Constellations (March 2018), including a video for each sign

Your Zodiac Sign’s Achilles Heel (February 2018), click to find a video for each sign, including:

Aries’ Achilles Heel: The Wrong Environment
Taurus’ Achilles Heel: Climbing Up the Wrong Hill
Gemini’s Achilles Heel: Guilt
Cancer’s Achilles Heel: Avoidance
Leo’s Achilles Heel: Self-Doubt
Virgo’s Achilles Heel: Stagnation
Libra’s Achilles Heel: Over-Extension
Scorpio’s Achilles Heel: Self-Sabotage
Sagittarius’ Achilles Heel: The Little Pebble
Capricorn’s Achilles Heel: The Outside Anchor
Aquarius’ Achilles Heel: Disbelief
Pisces’ Achilles Heel: The Infinite Portal

January 2018 Forecast, including a video for each sign

December 2017 Wrap Up, including a video for each sign

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