mentorship should always feel like looking at the stars (cosmic folktale #8)

Welcome back to COSMIC FOLKTALES, my new series that combines memoir, fantasy and astrological/ancestral channeling. It’s also a deep dive into the character backstories/side-stories, and the world building of my new play in development, OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS: a story of Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn – the outer planets and their astrological archetypes – who come to life as humans in a parallel universe.

In the cold crisp air of December, underneath the light of the full moon and the black night – Sagittarius Season – Jupiter is at home.

Jupiter is both a life-long student and an everlasting teacher. A synchronous mentor and mentee.

Jupiter reincarnated into this particular body, at this particular time in the evolutionary cycle, for one true reason: to praise life itself.

To perpetually cultivate meaning and resonance out of life, to understand its mystery. To always bring a set of questions and answers to the table: questions that beg for answers and answers that beg for more questions. To theorize and philosophize on what is certainly more awesome and grand in its totality than any human could ever comprehend.

Jupiter is a Poet & Prophet: though not to nail down a definition or structure onto that which needs to be free; not to make static and rigid that which needs to be fluid and full with movement; not to make predictions, or to tell anyone their future or fortune.

Jupiter reminds us, instead, that we are all-always fortunate.

That we descend…as this cute, little meme that’s been floating around the internet saysfrom the land of the lucky ones.

As much as the Prophet’s listeners wail in pain, demanding to know what will happen next for the sake of their safety and survival…

Jupiter is early morning medicine, right before dawn, right before birth, right before the birds begin to sing. When the sun has not yet risen but its thick red, yellow and orange paint begins to dance on the horizon.

Medicine that gifts you an unquestionable peace – made of both completion and new hope – it lands in your heart and gently asks your sleepiness to wake up. You turn in your bed to face the window, gazing into the smoky eyes of a lover who has not yet manifested. The little kid in you asks: “When are you gonna show up in my life? Whennnnn?”

Jupiter is the question that begs for an answer, and the answer that begs another question; the soulful twinkling eyes, the perfect blend of spicy and sweet on their smile:

My love, don’t you want to be surprised?

And yet, in this particular time in the evolutionary cycle, in these particular bodies – there is so much about mentorship that needs to be healed.

There is so much about mentorship that has been forgotten.

Jupiter arrives at the bottom of a snowy hill, craning her neck, sighing with both defeat and resolve.

Ordinarily, she would just crank her wings out of her back to get to the top. Easy-peasy.

But in this dimension, she has other things to consider. She cannot abandon her community.

In this dimension, the role of the community mentor looks like Jupiter dragging a small, red sled up a hill. The sled is packed with an overflow of adults dressed up like hungry children screaming at back at her: “MORE! MORE! WE WANT MORE!”

Jupiter tries to maintain her enthusiasm as she calls back to them: “Come on, kids! We can do it!” While under her breath she mutters grumpily, “How the fuck did I get stuck doing this bullshit?”

By the time they get to the top, the adult-kids scramble and scatter off to who knows where. Jupiter is left numbed out, burned out, resentful for having to do all of this by herself, and she is too exhausted to even look at the stars.

What is the point of getting to the top, if the stars don’t even matter anymore?

Then, in another timeline, Jupiter is the mentee. The hungry student. She’s at the bottom of the hill – alone, lost, disenfranchised, ignored, exploited, taken from. She screams up at her mentors, all of them hanging out on different ledges and landings of the giant hill.


Yes, it does comes across as petulant, irritating, little sister, Dawn-from-Buffy bullshit…

But what the scream really means:

How can you not recognize that you, my mentor, are doing the exact same horrible thing to me, that you taught me nobody was ever justified to do?

How can you have long debates with your family and friends about what is best for me without ever consulting me?

How am I supposed to find justice for the ways you have asserted power over me, the ways you have attempted to take away my dignity and my agency – when YOU’RE the person I’m supposed to call when I need support?

But a teenager doesn’t always have access to this series of eloquent wording. A teenager can only manage to throw a chair across the kitchen and screech:


Jupiter’s sadness, both as mentor and mentee, boils down to the most innocent question a child begs an answer for.


Why is this the way things are? Why have we come so far from where we ought to be? Where and how did we lose ourselves?

Why don’t we remember how to love each other well?

When did we forget, that we both get to be human.

Jupiter came to life, not just to be a student and a teacher, but to heal the wounds of mentorship. And she wants us to remember our dignity.

For the mentors: remember the difference between sheltering and protection.

The difference between, I will shelter you from the bad things in life so that you don’t have to experience them;


I will hold a fierce forcefield of protection around your boundaries, autonomy and your choices. I will advocate for you, share my knowledge with you – but without any attachment to what you will or won’t do with my advice.

I mentor you, not because I need you to do what I say is best. But because I don’t want to keep what I have. I want to expand and share myself and then let it go. Because that is what makes me feel free.

To the mentors of the world, Jupiter sees you, and honours you.

Remember: you never have to give up your own autonomy to make your community happy. You do not have to lose yourself in someone else’s life. You don’t have to give up your freedom to hold someone’s hand. You are allowed to make mistakes and be imperfect. And you deserve a space outside your work of mentoring, to be mentored yourself. Where you can be held and learn and express yourself. You are the centre of your own journey and may you never lose this truth.

To the mentees of the world, Jupiter celebrates you!

You are scrappy and inventive and full of vision. Your baby optimism is wiser than most give you credit for. Your hope and your wild is the medicine the world desperately needs.

Remember: you deserve teachers who aren’t ambivalent about whether or not they want to teach you. Teachers who hold a consistent and stable container for your learning. Teachers who do not attempt to use your healing journey for their own.

Remember: you are not responsible for your mentor’s happiness. It’s not your fault if they are burned out or numbed out. It’s not your job to make them feel better about themselves, or uplift their self-esteem. It’s not fair for a mentor to depend on you for that and if they do, you deserve better.

For the synchronous mentor and mentee, remember: the purpose of your relationship is to grow.

This may mean, at some point, you’ll outgrow each other.

This is both the medicine and the wound of intergenerational exchange: we are the answer to each other’s questions and the questions to each other’s answers.

If Aries (the baby, the first fire sign) blazes a path that is contradictory to what Sagittarius knows to be true (the older sibling, the last fire sign) – it feels like abandonment and betrayal.

Sagittarius feels unrecognized – like their work will disappear and mean nothing. Like their work will not be credited or properly acknowledged and will be appropriated and mis-used.

Aries, too, feels abandoned. Misunderstood. Unrecognized. The kid hopping on his dirt bike with two middle fingers in the air: “PEACE OUT MOTHERFUCKERS!” Riding off into the sunset of his own, wrapping a metal cage around his heart to protect himself from the pain of having to choose between home and himself.

The lesson of intergenerational exchange – both the medicine and the wound – we are meant to grow.

The generation ahead comes to revolutionize what the generation before gifts to the world. That means the generation ahead will fuck with some things the generation before swore to the Universe THEY WOULD NEVER QUESTION.

But when you’re a mentor – you are here to be the great expander. To blow wide open possibilities. Blow wide open the framework.

Then the next generation comes along, in all their audacity, they do something completely surprising with what what you’ve given them. It fucks with everything you know to be true and right and holy.

But you have done exactly what you reincarnated for. You have lived to praise life and honour your particular time in the evolutionary cycle. And they are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing too.

Instead of taking another trip with a sled of students, Jupiter at the top of the hill, decides to take a moment and just breathe.

Instead of screaming her rage into a situation where her voice will just get lost in the atmosphere, Jupiter at the bottom of the hill, decides to take a moment and just breathe.

If nothing else, every woman in Jupiter’s lineage has lived with integrity.

Every woman has made mistakes, has chosen not to heal violent situations for the sake of love, has hurt the people she loves, has hurt herself most of all – but the one thing she never lost throughout it all, is her strength.

Here, both the question and the answer land at once:

It’s not that I don’t believe in myself. I just convinced myself that I don’t believe – because I want to respect the mother who came before me.

I am enraged at all the ways my mother, and all her mothers, were denied RESPECT.

And I thought, I need to believe what she believes, in order to respect her. So I chose to abandon my own beliefs for the sake of it.

But I no longer believe that this is what it means to be strong. I no longer believe this is what it means to respect your elders. This is not what it means to uplift the generations before, or the generations to come.

I no longer believe that to be strong, you must endure. Anything and everything. Dragging that sled up a hill even if it’s killing your body and soul. I no longer believe that to praise life I must be struggling. Thinking that if I’m in enough pain, I’ve done a good enough job.

No, honouring my lineage means claiming a self-respect that nobody before me could ever imagine possible. Respecting my mother means fully owning and believing in the person she inspired me to be.

It means fully owning my strength, my conviction, my integrity – even if we define these things entirely differently.

Everyone in Jupiter’s lineage has made moves, prepared for the future, uplifted the next generation, taken impractical risks, put their life and heart on the line – not because they had any guarantees, but because they had FAITH.

In impossible circumstances, when they didn’t know what the fuck they were doing, when it went against the grain, when the most important people wouldn’t believe them, when those they held in the highest regard told them to fall in line – they still chose an integrity completely their own.

Never does a mentor or a mentee have any place to tell one another what kind of integrity they should or shouldn’t live up to.

And our integrity does not require any of us to be perfect, un-messy, or to never make mistakes.

We live in integrity when we praise life. Not just life itself, but a life where we get to be human. Joyfully adventurous humans.

Whether it’s at the bottom of the hill, or the top, or any place in between – here comes the surprise twist that Jupiter refused to spoil, if only for the sake of pure delight.

This is not the beginning of the journey, it is the end.

So much of mentorship has already been healed.

So much of mentorship has already been remembered.

The reunion between generations of ancestors has been realized. Our connection, the linking of hands, the lifting our collaboration toward the sky. The prophecy is already complete and we have already transitioned into the next cycle.

With a whole new set of questions
that beg for new answers
and new answers that beg for more questions.

Number Eight. The emblem of Strength.

The Lion and The Eagle.

But wait, we have one more breath to take. Number Nine.

You’ll see what I mean…


Alright folks, if you’ve been following along this entire series, you know that the number 9 comes up again and again as sacred. At some point it became clear to me that COSMIC FOLKTALES, VOLUME 1 – was a series of 9 short stories. So I got one more left for you before I close this chapter and take a break! Stay tuned ❤


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