The Big Wave (December 2019 Cosmic Report)

I’ve gone through a big professional transition this year – I WROTE AN ASTROLOGICAL PLAY – one that will be developed in the next few years into a Big Honkin’ Astrological Musical. I also re-vamped a lot of my business offerings into projects fuelled by my love of storytelling. (including a podcast, a companion project to my play, currently in pre-production.)

Otherworldly Giants is the name of the play I’m writing, its companion podcast, but it’s more than fictional characters in a story. It’s us. One of the things I loved about watching Buffy as a teenager, or Sailor Moon as a kid, is that it made me believe that I, too, was a Slayer. I, too, was a celestial creature reincarnated from the stars trying to remember who I am.

That said, here is a letter from my heart to yours, dear Otherworldly Giants, during this very significant 2019-2020 portal:

Dear Otherworldly Giants,

This is not a time to make ourselves small. Not a time to shrink our genius, innovation, truth, and fullness of our expression, because we’re afraid of making waves, of hurting people, of being “too much”, of facing rejection, of what people will say about us, think about us, or know about us

This is not a time to make ourselves small because we’re still facing the demons of disbelief in our own self-worth. Your calling is louder than that, and kinder than that. 

This is a time to be brave. Not out of defensiveness, but with the strength of softness, self-compassion and exuberant joy. Exuberant joy lives somewhere in you, amidst all the growing pains, it is in fact emerging through the pain. 

And yes, there is pain. A hell of a lot of growing pains in this portal. This pain is rooted in a Deep Sea Grief – always felt but not always recognized. This grief is old, and it roars in invisible places. The Deep Sea is also where our power lives – once forgotten, dismissed, head-dunked underwater by those we wanted to trust. We buried our power intentionally – it was a wise move in an environment where we were genuinely not safe, and it genuinely was not the right time to be Out and About in the World, Frolicking as our True Selves. 

Now it’s time. The Deep Sea houses our genius, our alien, our innovation, the very specific and weird shape of ourselves. There’s no blueprint in the everyday to show us who to become, we need to reach deep below, in conjunction with dreaming with the stars, in order to remember the magic that always has been in our core. This was not possible in the decade before this one. 2011-2019 truly has been the decade of Becoming…and now, dear Otherworldly Giants: we are Emerging. 

No decade, no generation, no year or moment in the evolutionary spiral has been in vain. No immaturity cycle has been wrong. (Even if you yourself caused harm – you are not wrong for learning those lessons.)  No time has been a mistake, nothing has been a waste. 2019 is for sure the Total Accumulation, the Rock Bottom, and the Last Test of Faith of everything you’ve been through in the last 10 years. We may be moving into a new cycle, but there are pieces of wisdom and medicine from our past that we are taking with us, that we must acknowledge with gratitude. 

It’s like what Faith says to Buffy when they are both in a coma, separated by different hospital rooms, yet sharing conversation in the same childhood bedroom. 

“Take what you need. Leave the rest.” 

Wait. Is this my brain or yours? Hell if I know.

“What’s going to happen to her?” Buffy asks of what she won’t take with her. 

“Aren’t these things supposed to work themselves out?”  

This is the last Test of Faith in this portal. It’s the last thing that would keep you from moving on: 

You are still hurting. 

Here it is. The ONE THING that you feel like you need to wrestle with, address, fix, bring peace and equilibrium to, negotiate with, get on the same page with, find some kind of resolution for, some kind of justice for, and only then can you move on.

And yet, your calling to move is more powerful than that. It is kinder, more self-compassionate, and more joyful than that. 

The Cosmos want you to know they see you: You Are Still Hurting, AND You Are Making the Choice to Move On. 

You don’t have to make This Thing be okay, in order to move. You can’t. It’s the One Thing you have to just let be. 

It’s being taken care of by the multidimensional forces around you, that your consciousness can’t yet comprehend. Your brain can’t wrap your mind around it, but it is being taken care of – not just by the cosmos, but by your own Deep Sea medicine. Not always recognized, but always felt. 

Sometimes we have to leave injustice where it is. We have to leave heartbreak and heartburn where it is. 

That doesn’t mean that it’s okay. Doesn’t mean justice won’t be realized. 
But we have to tell our ego – you gotta take a back seat for a minute. Staying in this place like a cat who won’t stop licking a wound, is just another way of keeping ourselves small. And that is not a solution for their pain, or for yours. 

Allow injustice and heartbreak and heartburn to transform in another way. Wrap love around your heart and make the moves you need to make. 

Deep Sea Love is truly Otherworldly, is truly Giant in (multidimensional) nature and the message Love has for us is clear: 

Whenever injustice, heartbreak, and heartburn is around you – I am always closer to you. I am always the closest thing to you. I am right behind you, I got your back. I am on either side of you, pulling you toward the centre, any time your divine masculine or divine feminine gets out of balance. I am right in front of you – so please look at me. See my eyes reflecting yours – gently and with conviction – eyes as deep and as dark as the deep dark seas. I’m here. I love you, and I won’t ever let you be alone through this.

This message comes straight from the centre of the zodiac. It’s the alchemy of your specific blend of contradictory constellations and elements and unique shape that, in the centre, for all of us, looks like One: a black hole of nothingness filled with the potential of an entire Universe…a prism of light reflecting rainbows of brilliance onto every thing you will touch in the next decade…an ocean that has protected you as you swam through the grief, loss, and pain embedded in the last decade of Becoming. 

Our time is now. Calling all Otherworldly Giants to the front and centre of our lives. We are the First Wave. And yet, this wave we know well, we know deeply. This Beloved Otherworldly-Giant-Wave, that has carried us with True Love, for many decades and lifetimes before. 

Until next time ❤ 

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