the day before the sun was born (cosmic folktale #1)

Welcome to my new series, COSMIC FOLKTALES !

Cosmic Folktales is my new writing and storytelling series that blends together memoir, fantasy, and astrological/ancestral channeling, for the benefit of individual and collective healing, empowerment and transformation.

What I love about folktales in general, is how they are often stories rooted in mythology, legends, oral and intergenerational storytelling; they connect us to ancient, otherworldly, underground wisdom and lessons that at the same time speak to us personally and intimately. They are both timeless and timely.

For those who follow my work, this series is an evolution of my monthly horoscopes. (For those who don’t know – you can browse my horoscope archive.)

What I love about my work is my ability to communicate with planetary, celestial, and ancestral energies, to express stories that emerge from my personal healing/evolution, and to share that medicine with my community – because time and again am I reminded of the synchronicities and mutual healing/inspiration apparent between the individual and collective.

What excites me most is how these folktales are connected to my new musical in development, OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS: a story about what would happen if the 5 outer planets and their astrological archetypes came to life as everyday heroes in a parallel universe. We are currently in our character development and world building phase.

Along with sharing timely collective energetic messages with my community, “Cosmic Folktales” is also my way of exploring the themes, characters, backstories and side-stories of OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS, imagining and bringing life to the world I’m co-creating, and sharing my writing process with you. (HYPE!!! Read more about OTHERWORLDLY GIANTS)

In that spirit, I’ll be putting out a regular piece of writing every week until the end of the year. (Then I’ll take a break, and probably start again in 2020!)

The theme I’m exploring for the next several weeks is one of transitions, grief, ending and beginning cycles, and navigating the crossroads.

It’s clear that many of us are currently traversing this liminal space.

We are experiencing the challenges and medicine of the crossroads in very personal ways. AND, there is a reason that we, as generation, have reincarnated here, now, at a time the Earth itself is in a major transition. The way we organize ourselves as a collective and respond to our environment is in a major transition.

Individual and collective transition is medicine we came here to learn, to earn, to receive the benefits of, and to contribute our part toward.

So, I’ve been obsessed with the “Cosmos” documentary for quite a while now, that came out on Netflix a number of years ago. In the first episode, they do this fascinating thing where they scale out the history of our Universe into a Gregorian calendar, so our brains can try to comprehend how old the Earth is and when different kinds of life were born.

According to this cosmic calendar, which takes the Big Bang and the beginning of our Universe on January 1st, the origin of life on our planet Earth did not occur until September 21st.

November 9th was the first time microbes started having sex and reproduction was born. (Heyyy, Scorpio Season!!) On December 7th, life exploded with a diversity of plants and animals. (SAG SEASON!)

The first flower bloomed on December 28th (the day after my grandma transitioned from body to spirit).

6:24am on December 30 marks the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs.

Humans evolved in the last hour of the last day of the cosmic calendar, 11:59pm.

In the last 14 seconds of the year lives all parts of human history.

Puts things in perspective, huh!?

What struck me the most was August 31st. The day our Sun was born.

I don’t know why, but I think about, and feel for, what it’s like to live in the last few hours of darkness before that particular miracle.

And I want to know what it’s like to be in love with this moment in time.

I think that’s what I came here to do.

When you know it’s coming. The shine. The warmth. The burning.

At this place in the crossroads, in this time of great transition.

Right before birth. Right before new life. Right before dawn.

the day before the sun was born.

Tune in every week for the rest of 2019 for the first part of my Cosmic Folktales series, exploring themes of crossroads medicine! Most weeks you’ll get a piece of writing, however, this first week I have a video. This particular story I wanted to speak. Enjoy, and see you next week.


I wanted to end each week of my new series with a shout-out, to someone’s rad work I want to uplift, a worthy cause to support, or to share updates, events, or promos for my work.

This first week I’m sharing a fundraiser to help a beautiful soul heal, India Harville. I know India from my work with Turtle Tank, School for Radical Purpose. India is an artist, a visionary, a mentor, a friend, a Disabled/chronically ill Black path blazer. During her time in Turtle Tank she supported and inspired me and hundreds of others with her uncompromising Pisces love. She’s been experiencing increasing flares with her illness and she needs some extra support. It’s been so exciting to see her fundraising campaign take-off in the last few weeks, and the money she’s raised thus far is no doubt a testament to how much she gives to her community, and how important it is for her to receive that reciprocity in return.

Read more about India’s story and check out her fundraiser!

This is a snippet of what she wrote on her campaign page:

“You know the expression it is darkest right before dawn?  I have that feeling right now, like I can see the sun starting to rise and I just need hang in a little longer.  This fundraiser is me asking my community to hold me in that darkness and to remind me that the sun is coming.”

I want to point out that I actually wrote the story I shared in my video a few months ago, a few days after my birthday in June, and titled it “the day before the sun was born.”

India launched this campaign a few weeks ago on September 21st (the day life began on our planet, according to the cosmic calendar), and didn’t know anything about the story I was about to share. These are the kind of amazing synchronicities I’m talking about that remind us how connected we are. And the perfect campaign I want to highlight for my first Shout-Out section!

Donate or signal boost the campaign if you can, my loves.

See you on the other side.

Feature photo by @Rahul (IG) via Pexels free stock photos.

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