Aries New Moon: An Ode to Self-Love (April Horoscopes)

Happy Aries New Moon!

In this month’s video, I talk about the importance of rest for the Aries Warrior in all of us.

And, appropriately for Aries, I share my personal ode to self-love.

“There is a kind of individuality that thrives in a colonial capitalist world, a kind of individuality that comes at the expense of the collective. We are conditioned in a world that has and does commit the most horrific acts of violence with an understanding of the individuality that violates the collective.

Because it violates sacred relationship. It violates what it means to be in sacred relationship to all living beings and the planet itself.

That is not self-love.

That has diddly squat shit to do with love.

I think it’s worth defining what we mean when we say “love” because it means something different to all of us.

For me, self-love is self-compassion, self-awareness, self-development, self-acceptance.

Self love is pursuing joy, meaningful connection, purpose and passion.

Self-love is rest and ease in a society that tells us we can never take a break.

Self-love is living in alignment with the natural rhythms of our body and the planet.

Self-love is unlearning, healing and re-inventing the roles we play in community, family and movement.

Self-love is claiming and (re)membering gender/sexual identities and expression that does not live in the confines of hetero white supremacy.

Self-love is a commitment to be responsible to myself so I can be responsible to all my relationships, to all communities I share space with (including this global space).

Self-love is learning my history, exploring my ancestral lineage, owning all parts of who I am, so that I can let go of my attachments to the values capitalism and caste-ism and the  white supremacist ableist heteropatriarchy) has ingrained in me.

Self-love is being present with my trauma, my childhood pain, my attachment patterns, my ancestral patterns, my cosmic and creative rhythms, the wisdom and needs of my heart and my body.”

Watch below for the full thing!

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