Pisces-Aries Portal: Love & Death (March 2019 Horoscopes)

March is always the month that blurs the line between endings and beginnings, love and death.

March contains Pisces season which then shifts into Aries – and we lay to rest and we will not bring forth into the new cycle.

This month I am thinking about the difference between generosity and sacrifice. Between selfishness and self-love.

Self-sacrifice is so often associated with Pisces, and selfishness so often associated with Aries.

I think of self-sacrifice as giving to others in ways that deplete us, make us shrink, be smaller, or less than who we are. When we give to others at the expense of our autonomy, our emotional-physical-financial-creative-spiritual well-being. When we give at the expense of our boundaries, dignity and complex humanity.

Selfishness, in its most cruel expression, is a complete lack of respect for other people’s boundaries, autonomy, dignity or complex humanity. An utter inability to see anyone or anything in their fullness outside of your own perspective.

Generosity, on the other hand, is sharing who we are or what we have, because it is too painful to keep to ourselves. It is too joyful not to express. Generosity is when we give in ways that make us more full in who we are, not less.

I am currently working on a new project – a podcast – that will feature conversations between myself and other storytellers and superqueeros, in-depth commentary on some of my fave nerdy TV shows, and weave in lots of mind-honey (I was gonna say mind-candy, but it’s actually way more nourishing than that!) on astrology, ancestral relationships, soul evolution, grief, purpose, love & death.

To share more of my mind, heart, stories, and uplift conversations with some of the most badass people in my life, is absolutely something I cannot keep to myself. Keep your eye on my website or social media (@astrology4survivors on IG/FB) as I’ll be sharing this new podcast in the next few months.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a snippet of one of the tidbits of brilliance that has so far come out of pre-recording some episodes. This comes from my friend and fam Ravyn Wngz who says,

“My selfishness is the same as my selflessness.” 

This statement embodies the marriage between Pisces and Aries. Self-love is the commitment to respect your own boundaries, dignity and complex humanity. Your own selfish, divine purpose. When we do this we are so much more able to respect other people’s autonomy, dignity and complex journeys in return. When we do this, we offer something healing and necessary to the world that nobody else would be able to give if we weren’t here.

This portal asks us to lean into our generosity. Check out this month’s video below for more on how to approach this season’s cosmic energy!

PS – don’t be afraid of the title! I’m not predicting death, and I’m not even really approaching this reading with a sense of ‘prediction.’ Moreso, I’m interested in talking about the relationship between love and death and how to work with it bravely. 

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