February Horoscopes: Let Loss Make You Warm

Welcome to your February 2019 horoscopes!

Aquarius season is about what we inherit from the previous collective generation, what we revolutionize from the previous generation, and what we leave behind for the future generation.

It’s all that big picture stuff.

There’s a quote that I’ve seen floating around that is especially apt, creating by Daeja Eunique (catch Daeja @iamdaej on twitter and insta)


At the end of 2018, I spent the day before New Years Eve at a beautiful song and artist’s sharing circle with other magical QTBIPOC folx (queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of colour).

One thing that kept coming up in our conversations was connecting with our ancestors and reflecting…feeling…how much they had been through and survived (or not survived), and the impossible choices they made to make sure we could be here today.

As I sat there with how real that statement was for me, and feeling how real it was for the other folx in the room…another truth landed in my core that I felt compelled to speak.

I want us to also sit with, and honour, all the impossible choices we have made in our lives, the impossible choices we are making right now, to ensure our future ancestors will live and thrive.  

As soon as I said this out loud, I kid you not, the entire coat rack that was standing in the corner of the room toppled over and fell to the floor.

That was our ancestors – past and future – telling us they are here, and they are listening. Like, no, none of this is a woo woo joke. That was our ancestors praising us, for making the decisions they were not able to make; for taking the risks they need us to choose.

This is a significant truth to hold, especially during Aquarius season. When we choose to revolutionize what the previous generation has created, we feel selfish. We feel wrong. We are told that we are doing ‘nothing’, we’re not doing ‘enough’, because we are choosing not to continue a pattern, a way of knowing, believing and acting, that the previous generation was committed to. In extreme cases we may even be told that we are ruining everything.

There is a humility that comes with death, change, and passing on the torch, that is required here.

We may make important choices in our generation – each generation moves the collective forward in powerful ways – in order to ensure the next generation can live and thrive.

And yet, when that generation is here, they deserve their autonomy. They may know and believe in things that are radically different than what you know and believe. They may contradict everything you believe is true. Their strategies may seem completely off-base, their centre of gravity may be entirely incomprehensible.

And yet, this is exactly what they are supposed to do. This is their gift. 

Aquarius season asks us to reflect on our biases in this way, especially with regard to how we relate to intergenerational relationships and movements. I’ve heard a lot of people in a generation slightly older than me complain about how young people are irresponsible…they don’t care…they’re not doing enough politically or radically…

Many of these people carry a sense of hopelessness, extreme burn-out, hitting walls and those existential questions like, what if nothing I did means anything. 

I assure you, it means a lot. And anyone in a state of hopelessness definitely deserves care.

Hitting big walls and dead-ends comes with a deep yearning for answers – there has to be a way out of this, there has to be another option, why can’t I figure it out? Why won’t anyone figure it out? It’s hopeless. 

And yet, perhaps there are collectives out there – collectives gaining speed and momentum – running on hope, inspiration and refreshing creative strategy – with a whole set of sparkly options in front of them. But we don’t recognize their work as work. We see them as doing nothing because they are making choices we weren’t able to imagine.

You can understand this dynamic in a very intimate way as well – this is the tension, the push and pull, between your former self and your future self.

There are parts of you that are hitting walls and dead-ends – parts of you that feel hopeless because you just can’t continue on in the same way. This part of you feels like you’re dying.

And that is true. That is real. That deserves care.

Meanwhile, your future self is carrying on with hope, inspiration, fuelled by refreshing creative strategy and with a whole set of rainbow sparkly options in front of you. But there are certain things your future self will not continue.

I felt compelled to speak in detail about Neptune in this month’s video horoscope. Neptune is indeed the planet of hopelessness, despair, wild imagination, and spiritual truth.

The outer planets move so slowly around the sun, they stay in one sign for an entire generation. Thus their qualities define that generation in a meaningful way.

I was born with Neptune in Capricorn. This is true for everyone born roughly between 1984 – 1998. Neptune in Capricorn are people who are endlessly devoted to their work. 

In healthy and unhealthy ways. We inherited and learned a way of working that is deeply compassionate and attuned to the pain and suffering existent in the world.

We also inherited qualities of self-sacrifice, martyrdom, escaping the body, and disappearing into depletion and invisibility while we work.

These are the patterns we will not continue. These are the dead ends we hit, and we won’t dedicate our time trying to dig holes out of them, only to fall into their hopelessness.

This is just where we just stop. We turn our focus in another direction. We make a different choice. 

Neptune has been in its home sign of Pisces since 2011, and will stay there until 2025.

These are the years we are releasing and cleansing the old inheritance in a massive way. We are learning on an individual and collective scale to have boundaries with what we can no longer continue. We are learning to tend to our guilt and despair so that we can be creative. We are learning to to shine and be bold, so we can connect to our authentic contribution, and do our part to move the collective forward. Be who we need to be, and choose what we need to choose, so that the next generation can be here, and make choices radically different than we could have ever imagined.

While Neptune has been in Pisces, we have seen a powerful insurgence of spirit coming into the collective consciousness, collective conversation, and collective movements. These are the years that we decide to make healing, boundaries, and collective magic be at the centre of our movements for justice, and not an add-in-and-stir.

Neptune in Pisces is a force that melts the block of ice that you’ve been hitting your head against. It melts the thing you thought was solid that your hands have been gripping so hard.

And yes, there is grief in that. Yes, there is loss. Feel it all.

Ice only melts when it gets warm. When life begins to grow again, quietly. When the sun glows above you, and within you, tender and magnificent.

Watch below for your Zodiac Town Hall February Horoscope – with some advice for all 12 signs in the second half!

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